Nellie Durand

I'm All About Color (13"x 17")

Cotton Fabric, tulle, silk flowers and yarns
oil stick pastels and paint
computer manipulated print
machine quilted

Color ...... Color is a prime element in my work ...... there is no Color that I don't like ...... my world is full of Color!

To read about my process of getting from the original photograph to the finished art go HERE

 February Challenge
Rian's Photo
A plate of food in a Shanghai Restaurant

 "The Clean Plate Club" (17"x 13")
  Cotton and  Silk fabrics
Wood, paint, and yarn embellishments
Hand appliqued and painted
Machine pieced and quilted 

I grew up in the era of adults admonishing children to "Clean your plate.  There are starving children in China."  Consequently, no morsels get left on my plate ... and that's what I brought to my interpretation of Rian's chosen photo of a sumptuously filled plate.  Also, I've dined in some elegant Chinese restaurants here in the states and in Hong Kong so I've experienced their ornate and gilded decor ... another element I chose to feature from the photograph.

To read the process of the techniques I used as well as my design decisions go here. To read about the added fortune cookie go here.

Kay's Photo
A doll factory in France

"Waiting" (17"x 13")

cotton, lace, wool roving, thread ravels, tulle
oil stick pastels & colored pencils
machine quilting
A few more dolls than are in Kay's photo, plus one of my dolls are waiting ... waiting to become complete dolls and for someone to care for them.  To read the process of the techniques I used as well as my design decisions go here.

Nellie's Photo
A crumbling bank along the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Strata (side 1) 13"x 17"
glazed cotton decorator fabric samples & tulle
mono filament thread & yarn
raw-edged collage
machine quilted

 Strata (side 2) 13"x 17"
cotton fabrics, cheese cloth, tulle, yarn
variegated quilting threads
"ortwork" collage
machine quilted

Each piece is quilted separately ... the natural lines of the terrain and elements on the "ortwork" back side and around the circles on the "front" side.  To read the process of the techniques I used as well as my design decisions go here.

Libby's Photo
A park in southern California

Spring Bouquet (13"x 17")

silk flower petals and leaves
antique lace, yarn, batik fabric,
silk organza, tulle,
soft plastic cover from a sample book
oil stick pastels
 My interpretation of Libby's photo is limited to the end of one branch.
Those blossoms were "virtually picked and arranged" in one of my favorite vases ... a water globe.

The decisions I made and how I constructed my interpretation is revealed  here.

Karen's Photo
 Forest Preserve in Chicago area

On The Forest Floor - 17" x 13"

cotton, synthetic & silk fabric scraps, tulle,
"silk" leaves,
printed image on fabric,
oil stick pastels, paint, permanent marker
machine quilted
Where this beautiful blue butterfly was photographed by Karen was the  first and strongest thought in my mind, for I have walked in  a few of the Forest Preserves that thread through the suburb's  of Chicago. That initial thought wouldn't leave my head so I took on the challenge of portraying the forest floor.
 Click here  to read the rest of my story.

Beverly's Photo

Scene in Annecy, France

"Under the Bridge" 13" x 17"
Fabric, tulle, mono filament thread,
oil stick pastels, inkjet printing
It's the reflections in the water as well as the bridge that captured my attention ... the reflection of the one large building in particular.

Click here to read the rest of the story.

Debra's Photo

"Nelliephant" - 13"x 17"

fabric, tulle, yarn
oil stick pastels, watercolor pencils, ink

He said, "How about playing with the lyrics to that song 'Don't Fence Me In'".
I said, "I've already made a quilt with that."
He said, "How about putting an animal behind the fence?"
I said with a BIG smile, "Yeah! A 'Nelliephant'"

Go here to read about the process of creating this piece.

Judith's Photo
Saratoga Springs, New York

The fountain itself is about the only thing that appealed to me when I looked at Judith's photo mounted on my design board this month ... so I cropped in close to feature it.
 Saratoga Spring Fountain
13"x 17"

fabric, wool roving, yarns,
tulle netting, oil stick pastels

Go here to read the process and to see photos of its creation.

Kim's Photo
This month Kim has provided us with a photo of a cottage in Sissinghurst, Encland.  After much study of the photo and a lot of pondering, I found it was  the patina of the aged wood that very much appealed to me.  Narrowing my focus to feature just the door let me get "into" composing a piece to meet the challenge... let me enjoy the journey of interpretation.

"Door of Yore" - 13" x 17"
fabric, tulle, oil stick pastels,
water color pencils, pastels,
and yarns

Go here to read the details of the process and techniques I used to create this piece.

 Barbara's Photo
This month Barbara submitted a photo she took while on one of her walks along the Mullet River in Plymouth, Wisconsin.  I've chosen to render it in moonlight.

 Moon River - 13"x 17"

fabric, netting, yarn,
oil stick pastels, paints,
machine stitching

Go here to read the details of the process and techniques I used to create this final piece for Interpret This.