Beverly Hart

January Self-Portrait Challenge


I used my hand-dyed and printed fabric; the portrait is inkjet printed on hand-dyed fabric, from a pastel portrait done about a year ago.  Machine pieced and quilted.

More about my process, and details can be seen here.

February Challenge- Takeout for Two
Commercial fabric, machine pieced, fused applique, painted, machine quilted.

This is actually a slightly revised version of the quilt posted for the challenge.  I decided that the chopsticks needed to be separated and set at slightly different angles and resting more on the plate rather than perched right on the edge together. You can read more about my process with this piece here.

 March Challenge- Tetes au Dessous

Commercial fabric, metallic Shiva paintstiks, machine quilted, hand embroidered

I went thought several ideas before I decided how I could accomplish this idea.  I tried bleach discharge- but couldn't figure out how to maintain my lines.  I also couldn't get enough value difference for it to work.  The metallic paintstiks worked perfectly on my black fabric.

More detail about my process is here.

April Challenge- Shifting Sands

Commercial and hand dyed fabric, hand dyed cheesecloth, machine pieced and quilted, beaded.

I went to my comfort zone with this one- free form strip piecing.  It is actually two quilts- the pieced top one, and the 'matting' behind it.  More about the quilt and the process here.

May Challenge- In the Pink

Wholecloth quilt, painted with Setacolor transparent paints and bleeding tissue paper, machine quilted, fused applique

This one almost made itself!  I was so ready to see spring colors after a long winter.  More about the process here.

June Challenge- Glimpse of Spring

Glimpse of Spring, 9 X 12
Commercial and hand dyed fabrics on gallery wrapped canvas, gel medium 

My summer was crazy, so I didn't have a lot of time to spend on this one.  It is the only one without stitching.  I'd read about Ellen Lindner's process of adhering fabric to a pre-stretched canvas with gel medium, and decided to give that a try.

I wanted to depict part of the butterfly, like I had just gotten a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye before it flitted off.  I used both hand dyes and commercial fabrics.  The embellishments are cord and buttons.

The process was interesting, but I don't know if I will do it again.  I miss the texture and dimension that stitching adds.

August Challenge- Bridges and Buildings

Bridges and Buildings, 25 1/4" by 20"
Commercial and hand dyed fabric, machine pieced and appliqued, machine quilted
This was my photo, one that my daughter took while on a trip to Europe.  It's a rather well-known bridge in Annecy, France.

There are parts of this piece I love.  I think the palette I used for the buildings is very effective.  The quilting on the water turned out wonderfully.  And I learned how to make openings in a quilt.
The entire piece, however, is not effective.  Too much water, and my idea of using quilting to represent some of the more distant buildings didn't work well either.  It wasn't quite abstract, definitely not realistic, and not even a well done children's illustration.

I've kept it up on my design wall, thinking that maybe I'll figure out something I can do to improve it.  Who knows, it may get cut up some time in the future!

September Concept- Peeking Through

 Peeking Through, 28" X 18"
Hand Dyed and Commercial Fabrics, machine pieced and quilted
This one became a meditation for me, as I free-form pieced and worked on getting the value gradation right. I was fascinated by the play of light and color between the vertical boards on the fence, and wanted to abstract that.  I also used my quilting to emphasize the difference between the hard boards, and the organic vegetation behind it.

I was going for an ethereal, mysterious quality- and I think I achieved it with this piece.  The hand dyed fabric was from two different value gradation studies I'd done a few months back, and was perfect.  All in all, I'm very pleased with this one!
October Concept- Lava Lamp

 Lava Lamp, 12" Diameter
Rust Dyed and Commercial Fabrics, Machine Appliqued

I had a hard time coming up with anything to abstract on this month's photo.  I played around with bits of the fountain, thinking I would use my rusted fabric.  I kept coming back to that cylinder, with all its color and texture- it really did remind me of a lava lamp!  So that's where I went.

I was lucky enough to have a commercial batik that had all the right colors.  I fussy-cut the pieces out, and used Sharon Schamber's piecelique method to construct the lamp.  

The circle is made with a piece of fabric I rust dyed using both rusty stuff and tannin, which gives the gray tones.  I fused it to a piece of Timtex, then quilted the geometric design.  After the quilting was done, I fused the lava lamp onto the background.  The final step was using yarn to finish the outside edge.

November Concept- A Bit Eccentric

 A Bit Eccentric- 20" by 26"
Commercial and hand dyed fabric, fused applique, thread painting, machine quilted
I loved Kim's photo- so peaceful, so many elements to play with!  I decided early on that I was not going to try to abstract this.  Instead, I tried to imagine how some rock star from the 60's might have done an English country cottage!

I had a piece of hand dyed fabric that had wonderful value variations for the bricks.  I cut those out, and fused them down individually.  The plants are mostly thread painted on water soluble stabilizer.  The leaves of the large tree on the left are also individually applied, using a variety of greens and some yellows.  I'm really happy with the effect of light and shadows that I achieved.

The stones of the walkway are rusted fabric, with some shadows added with Shiva paintstiks.

I found some wonderful large buttons to use for the medallion over the door.  I'm still looking for the perfect bauble to put on the door itself! 

This piece really did need a border, so I framed it in a dark brown- a picture frame.

This was a good exercise for me- I proved to myself that I can do realistic.  

December Concept- Where the Wild Things Are 
Where the Wild Things Are- 19 1/2" by 17 1/4"
Commercial and hand dyed fabric, machine pieced and quilted, hand embroidery

Barbara's photo had lots of possible interpretations.  I was struck by how the plant stems fractured the scene, and also all the values and shades of greens and yellows.  After one false start, I pieced colors and values that worked.  I then fractured it, and inset the skinny fabric strips- not always an easy task!

I wanted to use hand embroidery to mimic all that natural texture.  I used seed stitch, running stitch, and feather stitch, in several shades of green, gold, tan, and gray.  The yellow flowers are represented by some torn, hand dyed cheesecloth.

I finished the edge with yarn, but wasn't happy with how it looked on it's own.  So I created a quilted mat, and used that as a backdrop for the pieced section. I think it provided the backdrop and emphasis that the piecing needed.