Barbara Strobel Lardon

February Interpretation
"Hong Kong Garden"
37 X 14
Raw-edged Fused Applique
Machine Quilted

The binding of this quilt was also fused using the same pieces that I cut to surround the plates.
I folded them in half lengthwise slipped them on the edge and fused them on both the front and back.
Later I quilted them down.

March Interpretation
"Black Eyed Susans"
17" X 24 1/2"
Raw Edged Fused Applique
Hand Dyed and Commercial Fabric
Oil Pastels
Black Pigma Pen
Beaded & Crystals added
Embroidery Perse
Couched Yarn Binding
Machine Quilted

I felt this month's challenge was all about the eyes in the dolls heads.  I chose to concentrate on them for my interpretation.  I loved the cluster of the heads in the photo like flowers in a garden so chose to
combine those two elements into this piece.  The background fabric I used is a hand dyed fabric which to me looked like hair blowing in the wind.  The couched yarn binding also added the hair texture to the piece.  The border was refective of the boxes that held some of the doll's heads.

January Interpretation
"The Seasons Of My Life - A Self-Portrait"
37 inches X 27 inches
Commercial Fabric and Hand Dyed Silk
Metallic Thread
Fused Raw Edged Applique
Machine pieced & Machine quilted

I chose to portray myself in the Fall of my Life.  I wanted to show myself still strong and moving
forward, enjoying what is to come,  learning and experiencing new things.
I added the ghost figures behind me to symbolize birth, spring and summer which are now behind me.
I also chose to use colorful leaves flying out from my path to symbolize accomplishments I have made so far and hope people will remember me for.
There are subtle hints showing me aging...the silver matallic thread in my hair, the scarf around my neck, and the glasses in my pocket.
But I still have a smile on my face!

April Interpretation
28 inches X 16 inches
Torn Commercial Fabric
Pieced, Machine Quilted
French Knot Embroidery
Permanent Fabric Marker shading
Couched Twine
Couched Yarn Binding

I saw texture in this month's photo and chose to concentrate on that for my quilt.  I tore all the fabric, quilting with a zig zag stitch, added french knots for a pebbly surface, couched twine for the sticks and roots and finally bound the quilt with a couched yarn binding.
I wanted to do a more stylized interpretation as well so kept it all including the edge more geometric and abstract.
This was a fun, free interpretation for me and I enjoyed it very much.

May Interpretation
"The Swing"
18" X 18"
Commercial fabric batiks
Raw-edged fused applique
Permanent Fabric Marker
Acrylic Painted shadow
Machine Quilted
Fused binding/border

I chose to interpret Mays photo as I remember our park here where I live.  As a child playground equipment was not what it is now.  Although they had begun the process of putting up metal swings etc. there still was the old swing hanging from a tree.  So I chose to turn the photo into my memory of that old swing.

I decided because the tree was covered in cherry blossoms I would use a "snippet" like technique but in my case I put fusible on all the fabric before cutting out the little pieces.  I did have to be careful none of them flipped over as I snipped away and missed a few which I would discover on the plate of my iron later.  I used very large pieces for the landscape background and went smaller and smaller as needed.

I chose to do organic line quilting (natural flowing lines) across the entire piece with the exception of
the binding border which I fused on last and quilted.  I made the bottom edge part of the landscape while the other 3 sides were kept straight.  

It was a great springtime piece and I enjoyed working on it in the month of May