Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are- Beverly

Like several others in the group, I was taken with the strong diagonal lines created by the closer stems.  The yellow flowers also drew me, and I loved all the greens.  I knew I wanted to try abstracting the photo.  So on my first attempt, I came up with this:

I knew before I finished it that it wasn't right.  I liked the hand stitching at the top, but the bottom half just bugged me.  I finally decided that the mixture of abstract and somewhat realistic just wasn't going to work.  

So before I finished this one, I started another, determined to make it abstract- all of it!!  So here's my interpretation of Barbara's photo.  A name didn't come easily to me- I finally settled on the title from a favorite children's book, since the wildness of the scene was one of the things I liked.

'Where the Wild Things Are'
19.5 X 17.25
Hand dyed and commercial fabrics, machine pieced and quilted, hand embroidered

I wanted to go for a fractured effect, so I pieced and then cut and reassembled with the insets.  The 'flowers' are just small torn pieces of hand dyed cheesecloth.  The embroidery is what took the most time!

I enjoyed watching the interplay between the machine quilting and the hand embroidery as I worked.  

I finished the edge with two strands of yarn twisted together, then mounted it on a separately quilted 'mat'- the same process I used for the piece I did of Nellie's photo.  I like the way the dark fabric grounds the scene.

So there you have it.  Not a perfect rendition of my vision, but better than the first.


  1. I loooove those "wind blown" flowers and the scattered hand stitching, as well. Giving it a quilted mat is a fitting and clever touch. I know scale matters and I would really like to see this one full size. I imagine it to be spectacular.

  2. When I looked at the picture initially I had a vision of a dandelion too. I am glad to see that you developed the idea so well. I particularly your combination of techniques in this piece--the hand embroidery helps to soften the edges of the strip piecing. I hope you will work with this idea more. Excellent!

  3. Both pieces are wonderful. I must admit I prefer the 'first attempt.' I find it more tranquil.

  4. I like both attempts for different reasons. Good thing you did too right? The scattering of those straight stitches in both pieces reminds me of little bugs-maybe fireflies-so then both pieces have kind of a night time appeal to them. The top one is my favorite but I like the frame on the second one too.

  5. You did a very successful job of abstracting this. I love the colors, the channel quilting, the way the hand stitching works with the quilting, and the fluffy yellow flower. That quilted mat is a great idea too. I didn't remember it from before. Lovely interpretation, Beverly.

  6. Oh I love what the insets added to this piece. I also am intrigued how many of us interpreted this piece in a fractured pattern. It is what I saw right away in the photo and obviously many others did too.

    Cheese cloth flowers is perfect to add texture and some dimension. I think both attempts have value but I do think I favor no. 2.

  7. I also thought it was interesting how many put a raggedy yarn edging on their pieces.

  8. Wonderful! And you know I love the embroidery in this! I like both of your renditions- the cheese cloth flowers are a really great touch. The colors just sing here. Well done!


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