Friday, January 14, 2011

Weeds - Kay

Weeds 8" x 10"
Altered photo-transfer images, hand-dyed fabric, couched fibers
Machine appliqued and quilted

I've  focused on the yellow flower, which provides the only color contrast in the photo, and on the diagonal lines of the stems and grasses.

Except for the strips of yellow and green hand-dyed fabric, this is entirely done by photo transfer.  The flower images are enlarged and altered versions of the flower in the photo, and the green print is also done by selecting part of the image and using a filter to alter it.  I spent part of several days on Photoshop, much more time than might be apparent from the final result.  There's lots of trial and error involved, and it's difficult to tell how what's on the screen will print on paper, let alone on fabric.  Like Debra,  I experimented,  learned more about the technology, and have a greater repertoire of skills from this project.  Time well spent, and I'm not unhappy with the result.

I've put details about some of the work I did in Photoshop on my blog.


  1. That is a very solid result especially considering the learning curve that you had to deal with. I particularly like that background effect that you achieved: tone-on-tone seems to be just the right thing. Clever too to highlight those flowers and blur the background.

  2. I know that every month we have fussed about these pieces but in the end I also have to admit they forced me to learn new skills. I hope you continue to experiment with photoshop. I especially like what you have done here and can certainly see how you could expand the idea much further. Making your own tone on tone fabric is a super idea-especially when you just need a little piece.
    I had thought to copy scrapbook paper onto fabric too as a way to get a small piece of fabric that you might want. I think technologically produced fabric is going to be the new wave--look at Spoonflower's success.

    I hope you continue with your ideas, Kay.

  3. Well you did not disappoint me with this one. I was waiting to see what you did with that fabulous tone on tone background fabric. I like how you chose the diagonal placement of the closeups of the flowers and the textural use of the couched fibers around them bringing out more of the yellow.

    Definitely will go read more about your technique.

  4. This is wonderful! I like your direct approach of taking a main element and building a composition. It's an inspired use of "new to us" technology. Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks? The learning curve may be greater for us, but it's possible to "get it". Your use of couched yarns works wonderfully well, too.

  5. I really like how you created the background fabric - an excellent use of Photoshop. The composition and your choice to place it on the diagonal works to create a well balanced piece. Nicely done, Kay.

  6. I love, love, love what you did with this photo. You captured the scene without reproducing it, and created a strong composition.
    Well done!

    I'll be studying the filters you used to get that background fabric- you had me intrigued mid-month with that.

  7. This is really great on so many levels! Top it off with trying something new! I have been tempted to try a photo transfer and love what you have done with this one!


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