Friday, January 14, 2011

Verdure and Bloom -- Kim

Verdure & Bloom
13 x 19 inches
hand-dyed fabric, raw-edged fused appliqué,
machine quilted 

I was immediately drawn to the yellow bloom in the upper left quadrant of the photograph. Early in December, I did a couple of sketches, made a decision about fabric choices, and put the project away. This week, I pulled out the sketchbook and enlarged the design. I kept everything simple and the piece came together quickly. I had originally intended for the weeds to be rooted in the binding but I ended up liking the way they floated on the background.

It was a joyful little piece to work on - great way to start a new year!

The title comes from Thoreau's Journal (Aug 5th 8:30am) where he writes, in part:
"The immediate bank is now most verdurous and florid, consisting of light rounded masses of verdure and bloom, and the river, slightly raised by the late rains, takes all rawness from the brim."


  1. Oh, I love this, Kim! I like it partly because I also focused on that bloom, but more because of the simple, stylized, but totally effective way you've done it. The shape of the buds, and those twining stems is perfect. Great job.

  2. Kay said it better than I could! Love the stylized look too.

  3. How fantastic is it that you were able to break this photo down to the essential elements and then simplify them their basic shapes. The strong colors and diagonals work perfectly counterbalanced by the curves of the stems.

    The quote from Thoreau is the perfect mood for the scene!

  4. I have to agree with Kay on this-you managed to extract and isolate some elements, putting them in a different context, and yet still retain the original flavor of the photo in many respects. Nice concept.

  5. POW! That's the expression I get from this wonderfully bold and stylized composition. Your use of the red is interesting ... especially in the border.

  6. I just wanted to add that I like the red very much too--something not in the original that seems to give a needed touch, just the right amount of additional complexity.

  7. Wonderful! Right away I thought of Matisse with his bold lines. You shine on this one!!!


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