Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three Leaves - Rian

Three Leaves 12" x 20"
Rian Ammerman

I had trouble finding a focus/subject in this photograph. Sometimes I would see the grasses, sometimes the background. So I printed it out, and folded it this way and that, until I had what I thought was a decent composition.

What struck me about the photo were the diagonal lines of the grasses and reeds, so I focused on them and let the background fall away and just be color. I was bored with all the green, so I took artistic license and made the forest (that's what I called it) purples and other darks to give it a dark, forboding look. When I made the drawing, I drew in a bunch of leaves like in the picture, but decided that was a piecing nightmare and zoomed in even closer.

Again I wanted to fracture the landscape so I did the piecing flip-n-sew style. I don't often work this way, so it was something different for a change. I like the clean seams more than the ones I get with the overlapping piecing I usually do, but I like working with the latter better. I like the curves, and if I get a piece wrong I can replace it easily. With the flip-n-sew method, I have to remove a bunch of pieces to get to the "wrong" one. Which happened, so I fused the correct color on top of the wrong one. Voila.

I really like the long zigzag quilting in the grass and think it would look great as quilted rain.


  1. It seems there was a lot of distillation of this photo into the most basic elements. Since editing is not my strength, I have to applaud you for being able to see the "tree for the forest" (so to speak) and to get the essence of the photo so clearly and perfectly presented. Very nice!

  2. How wonderful to see the fractured background in this quilt. I love how the lights and darks interact through the different segments and the fact that you chose to ignore the yellow flower and focus on the leaves is perfect!

    You quilting is perfect and the zigzag works so well in the grass area. I can see what you are saying about it working well for rain as well.
    Hope you are having lots of fun wherever you are right now!!!

  3. An extraction and distillation. I really like this-kind of abstract with angles. I also like that you took some simpler shapes and added them on top of more complex stitching-I think that is a nice balance.

  4. You've distilled and fractured the river scene wonderfully well. I like your triangular placement of the three leaves in the composition. They make a good focal point against the background elements.

  5. I love the texture that your quilting adds. The use of the three leaves instead of the flower is interesting- a well thought out interpretation.

  6. As everyone has already said...leaves were a good choice, wonderful quilting of the grasses, and the fractured design works really well. Kudos, Rian.

  7. I also like the way you've pieced this and quilting. The way you've softened the colors makes your piece unique too.

  8. Oh, I love what you have done here! Wonderful texture and the lines are placed in such a way as to keep the eye moving within the frame. As I have been focused on leaves lately I was especially drawn to your interpretation!


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