Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Bridge - Barbara

"The Bridge" 
30" X 23"
Designed, Raw edged fused applique, Shiva paint sticks
& machine quilted .

I chose "The Bridge" as the one piece I learned the most from creating and  because it was my first attempt at doing a architectural scene.  I found it daunting to start with but at the same time loved it.  Once I got the first few structures up it just started flowing and became easier and easier.   

I love using the Shiva Paint Sticks to make the reflection on the water and thought it worked perfectly in this piece.  I plan on doing more of this type of theme in the future and incorporating more structures in some of my work.

I enjoyed this year and enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone right from the very first photo of all the doll heads.  I did something right with that one as I have already sold it and I would never have thought to use that image on my own.

Unlike Kay, I love doing pictorial quilts as most of you know.   I don't always take the whole photograph and duplicate it but often do.   I enjoy the world around me and love to try to duplicate the beauty and texture found in nature in fabric.  Although I have attempted new techniques and materials in the past, I find myself returning to fabric and textiles.  I may add beads but I would rather search for the perfect fabric or combination of fabrics to achieve the effect I am attempting than paint or other new discovered embellishments.  I do use fabric markers and paint sticks for shadowing and reflection regularly, however  I began doing art quilts because I loved the fabric and I still feel the same way after this year of interpretation.   So in someways I have confirmed my "style" and the direction I am meant to travel.

See all my work in my 

It was a joy being a part of Interpret This and I loved the group of talented artists that were a part of it.  I wish all of you continued success in the years to come and will definitely keep up with your work on your blogs. 


  1. This is beautiful, as all of your work was, Barbara. Your style is certainly distinctive, and I've enjoyed seeing it every month.

    I didn't know you had sold the doll heads. That is funny!

  2. Just to fill everyone in on the sale of "Black Eyed Susans" the doll heads interpretation. The woman who bought it name was, guess what, SUSAN! She had two daughters. So she loved it as it portrayed three women.

    Now how is that for luck! :)

  3. Your pieces always amazed me on various levels. I remain your devoted fan!

  4. Your work is so inspiring to me. I think I learn from you everytime I look at one of your pieces. Thank you for all you share and the friendship you offer. It is sincerely appreciated.

    Many hugs - Marie

  5. Barbara, I love "your take" on every one of our challenges. IF I had to choose a favorite, it would be your interpretation of the butterfly one, our June challenge. I love all those little critters hiding down in the foliage. My friends and family who followed my work with great interest always wanted to know what the lady from Wisconsin did ... well, the they were curious about the other interpretations too ... but yours were at the top of the list each month.

  6. Barbara, your interpretations always inspired and amazed, and this is a marvelous rendition of my daughter's photo. I'd be hard pressed to come up with a favorite from all those you did.

  7. I love architectural themed quilts so this was one of my favorites. Your point of view when designing a quilt closely matches my own-inspired to recreate the world around you or a least a little portion of it! Lastly, your fabric selection is always so spot on. You have a great eye for what will work. So, with all of those things together I think your pieces become cohesive and stand out at the same time.

    It was a pleasure to see your work every month so thank you. You couldn't get rid of me if you tried!

  8. I have enjoyed your pictorial quilts throughout the year and delighted in looking for those whimsical treasures you'd tuck in during the final stages of the quiltmaking. I was inspired by your skill in selecting just the right fabrics - unfortunately, that had me thinking about shopping for fabric all the time!

  9. All your quilts have been so amazing. I too love the little treasures you added. This has really been a learning experience for all of us. Something to build on as we go on with our works.


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