Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Window View - Barbara

Raw-edged fused applique
Embroiderie Perse
Shiva Paint Sticks
Fabric Markers
Doilie Embellishment
Machine Quilted

I began this interpretation with enthusiasm for the scene.  After choosing the fabrics the construction of the building began, then the foreground, vines and chair.

After the main objects were finished and quilted I began adding the details.
The long stalk behind the chair looked like it needed to by a hollyhock.

I used a fabric marker to paint in the details on the flowers before quilting.

Leaves were added to the vine.

The foreground flower pots were done with embroiderie perse flowers and ferns.

The window frame and vase were added and quilted.
Last was the curtain made from a vintage doilie.  

I like the comforting feel of this piece.  I thought it would be nice for someone who does not have this view out their window and could hang this and it would take them to this world as though it were their view from their window.



  1. I definitely want that view out my window! It looks like a private courtyard with 2 windows looking out onto the space. Very well done, Barbara! Your work just gets better & better. I love this piece.

  2. There's an impressive amount of detail here, Barbara. Debra's right about the courtyard effect. I think it's my favorite of your pieces.

  3. This is so heartfelt and wonderfully executed. Bravo, Barbara!

  4. What a delightful interpretation! You tread where I was leery to go ... to present this idyllic scene in all its glory. I think it works because of your clever perspective. Viewed through the window it becomes secondary to the prime focus of the more simple curtained window with the single rose in the beautiful glass vase on the sill. Bravo!

  5. I agree with Kay-all of the details you added are so effective without overwhelming the viewer. Such a peaceful scene and a clever take on the view. Was the curtain that one last touch that you were hesitant to add? It is really wonderful:)

  6. Peaceful, idyllic- I love this interpretation. It has all the elements of the photo, but your end result is very different in feel and atmosphere. I love the curtain and rose- and I'd love to have that view!

  7. I really love how you laid out the steps in creating this lovely work of art. It was if I was watching a master gardener tend to their plants and then go inside, sit (with a nice cup of tea), and enjoy their view. Wonderful attention to detail and kudos on creating magic!

  8. Oh! This one is very special!! Love it!


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