Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In the Garden--Debra

After my false start with the collages, I decided to return to my roots.  Once I got started on this composition, I was delighted with every stitch I took. 

In the Garden
20 x 22 inches
various fabrics, machine embroidery with hand embroidery, broderie perse

Bird Embroidery with hand embellished leaves

 Corner Detail with small embroidered and crocheted pieces


  1. Very Victorian! By the way, what comprises your bricks? It's so interesting to see the various solutions to portraying the same element.

    The frame works wonderfully well.

  2. It is always good to go back to what you do and this is truly you. I too love the frame and how it draws you into your bird focal point.

    Glad you hung in there and finished.

  3. Ahhhh....so pretty and peaceful. Beautiful, Debra!

  4. It's lovely the way the flowers frame the center bird. I didn't even notice the bricks until Nellie pointed them out. Very clever, and a very pretty piece.

  5. This is so very you! I hadn't thought about it but your work has a very "English" sensibility to it. Nicely tied in with this piece.

  6. The fabric on the left is my brick fabric-I only had a scrap of it -just enough for the wall. It is printed bricks.

    The picture seemed serene and calm to me so I went for the victorian, english, elegant approach. And, truly, what is a garden without a bird?
    I did try to use restraint so it didn't get too cluttered!

  7. I think this is my favorite of all your pieces. It is simple, elegant, and yes, Victorian, has the photo elements but still unmistakably yours

  8. This really captures the essence of Sissinghurst. The gardens were rebuilt according to a grand plan of Harold to create classical elegance mixed with the romantic profusion of Vita's creative spirit. That double principle is reflected in your piece. Wonderful design and lovely work.

  9. Yes, it really is yours from beginning to end and I think a very successful piece. I really the same formating as the original picture-- the brick on the right, the vine on the top and left, an open space where the door would be, and flowers down front. A very clear nod to the original photo using your own style.

  10. Wonderful! Very you and quite beautiful!


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