Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Spring Street -- Kim

"On Spring Street"
10.5" x 23.5"
raw edge appliqué, monofilament thread

My favorite parts of the photograph were the light/shadows and the way the water fell from the right spigot. But it wasn't until I was reading about the mineral water from the Hathorn Spring - the water contains 888.403 grains of solid contents in a gallon  - that I thought about making the quilt by using lots of tiny little pieces.

I keep a box under my work table that has leftover scraps with fusible web and found all the colors I needed to "paint" this piece. I started off with a white piece of fabric, sketched the design, and began the tedious job of filling in the color.

I spent a few days telling myself that this was stupid and too time consuming and it wasn't going to work

Abandoned the self-doubt and pushed ahead!

By the time I was about to start working on the base of the fountain, I had settled into a wonderful working rhythm... lost in the joy of creating and happy with the progress I had made.

The studio was a disaster: bits of paper and tiny snippets of fabric everywhere; the iron stained and ironing board trashed.

I wasn't sure how I would finish the piece. Finally decided to use only monofilament thread the secure the fabric, it didn't add much but it didn't interfere either.

I struggled with the binding. Couldn't seem to make it work. I found a larger piece of the fabric used for the brickwall in my stash but it need something else. The white 1/4 inch border around the whole piece brought it all together.


I'm really very pleased with the result.


  1. Oh, this I love! My first thought, before I read the description was "It's so painterly." So beautifully done, Kim.


  2. Kim, this is fantastic. You made the photo come alive with interest. I love the fabric selection and the contrast of light and dark. Your studio may have been a mess but the result was well worth it. Congrats!!!

  3. You should be pleased! This is wonderful; you improved on the photo 200%.

  4. Fabulous!!! No one would guess it was from scraps.

    Having just completed a tile mosaic in my kitchen I can relate to the tedium of little pieces.

  5. I wish I could see it in person. The picture is fabulous but I am sure does not capture the details of the quilt.

  6. It is painterly, I agree. Really well done; you combined a photographic quality with the painterly aspect of putting fabrics together. Very, very nice results:):):)

  7. That is pretty amazing. It almost looks like a paint-by number (that was not meant as an insult but the way the colors swirl through each other and yet don't blend). You really captured it.

  8. This is amazing, I only wish I could see it in person. Painterly is exactly the right word to describe it. Kudos on a fantastic job!!

  9. wonderful. inspiring. You nailed this one!

  10. Thanks for all your comments! I so enjoyed working on this piece. I tend to hold on to small scraps of fabric... Now, even a half-inch square piece will be hard to toss out!


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