Saturday, October 30, 2010

November Reveal Schedule

Here is the November Reveal Schedule:

Remember if you have the morning slot to have your work posted by 8:00 AM
If you have the afternoon slot have your work posted by 12:00 PM (noon)
If you have the evening slot, post your work by 6:00 PM

Be sure to have your Reveal Entry posted on time. You can schedule it ahead of time, if needed.

The person who submits the month's picture reveals first and last month's picture person goes last.

November 28: AM: Kim
Noon:  Libby
PM: Nellie

November 29: AM: Beverly
Noon:  Rian
PM: Kay

November 30: AM: Barbara
Noon:  Debra
PM: Judith
In the Title of your Entry state the Name of your Piece and your Name
For the Tags, Use November Concept and Your Name

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