Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Late Mid-Month Check in--Rian

You must picture a pile of fabric. Blues, tans, greens, and a deep red.


Because Blogger is down for maintenance and won't allow images to be uploaded. Picasa is also unable to upload because of maintenance. What's the deal! I don't want to wait any longer, I am late enough to the party as it is.

I had a really cool idea--something very unusual--but I have had the dickens of a time executing it. I tried painting on fabric, but either I've gone south or my paints have, because it was just not working out. I think it's the paints, they are about 5 years old and I think the desert heat killed them--they went all funky. Or maybe it was the fabric. I was using what I thought was PFD Kona cotton, but it acted so funny I almost think it was polyester. I couldn't iron the freezer paper to it, the fabric bubbled up. Strange. Picture painting on a bumpy surface with gelatinous, lumpy paint.

So I went to an art supply store and got paint pens. Or maybe they're ink pens. They're Prismacolor, really nice pens ($4.49 each), and the clerk said they would work on fabric. Well, they work, but the color bleeds. At least it did on that mysterious white fabric. Not so bad on some unfortunate WOW fabric I had left over from some previous project. But I didn't want to use WOW fabric and I don't have time to buy more fabric. Long story short, after many false starts, I ended up piecing the thing, and, while I have a long way to go to catch up, I'M GONNA MAKE IT!!!

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