Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fonte De Sulfer - Barbara

 " Fonte  De Sulfer"
29" X 8"
Raw-edged fused applique
Shiva paint stick shading
Commercial Fabric
Machine Quilted
Metallic Thread

I was not inspired by this month's photo.  The more I looked at it the more I thought of just using the colors within the fountain rather than the scene itself.  Then I began thinking of taking closeup
parts of the actual fountain so I began drawing them out.   After four drawings were done I really did not like any of them so the idea came to me to group them and the quilt was born.

The fabric was some stone-like fabric I had used before but it did need some shading done to
make it appear three dimensional so I used my shiva paintsticks to add that.
I also chose to use metallic thread for the water dripping out of the two spouts.  I continued the 
splashing and pouring water through each of the four blocks.

I am not totally excited about this piece but actually was happy to have come up with something this month.  It was a difficult month for me personally and it made it more difficult to be creative.


  1. Well you certainly managed to come up with a darned nice piece in the end! You captured the water beautifully. I hope your personal issues are resolved soon.

  2. I think you resolved the creative block beautifully (as usual:)). It is a stone fountain after all with mineral deposits and minerals in the water and you really captured that idea well. Plus, as Rian says, you did a great job with the water. Clever interpretation:)

  3. Oh, good! I agree that your result is excellent, in spite of feeling uninspired. Sometimes that just leads to more creativity, as in this case. Excellent job.

  4. You met the challenge well ... and this photo is a BIG challenge. It's not my favorite of your work ... but IT does work.

    I, too struggled with the subject as well as time constraints this month.

  5. Oh, it all works beautifully together. I love this piece.

  6. Inspired or not, the piece came together nicely. I like how you captured the water and the four views (tetraptych?) have a lovely flow to them. Well done.

  7. Thank you all for such generous comments.
    I should have mentioned my name for this quilt being related to finding out this fountain has a high sulpher content. Other than that I am glad you enjoyed this interpretation.

  8. I love how the eye follows the water to the base through all the little sections. Your use of the panels is just super! and so effective.

  9. You did a great job with the texture and colors in the minerals on the fountain, and I really like the idea of breaking up the photo. I think it all works very well together.

    I hope everything works out for you, and the next month an easier one.

  10. really like the 'film strip' idea here! Great job!!


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