Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Over The Fence-Libby

Over The Fence
11" x 14"
Acrylic paint and chalk pastels
Stitched cotton affixed to 3/4" profile canvas

Earlier in the month Beverly asked for input from our group regarding coming up with concepts and generating ideas for these pieces. One of the things I mentioned to her was that barring my ability to find something personally meaningful in the photo, I might try and see how I could turn the photo into a venue for one of my favorite subjects-children. The fence seemed to be the starting point and when I came across the image of the children, well, that was what I decided to go with. My personal challenge was painting those children's images since I hadn't done this yet.

For those interested, it is extremely difficult to cover large areas of fabric with acrylic paint that has not been watered down with some type of medium. The fabric just doesn't perform like a canvas and even with the medium, you get bare spots and lots of feathering. Chalk pastels were the answer for additional coverage and they provided an unexpected depth of color too, an added bonus.

Lastly, I did an additional piece which can be found on my blog here. If you haven't already, please have a look at the piece and the comments to see what we all thought about it:)


  1. Wonderful interpretation ... wonderfully executed!

  2. An easy way to go would have been to show the children peeking through the fence, but you went a step further and added an activity to the scene. Very nice, and the fact that you learned about the chalks and pastels is an added bonus. Good job! (PS, I do love your other piece.)

  3. This made me smile, Libby. It's such a typical thing that boys want to do. A delightful interpretation. The painting looks good to me, especially the shades in the tree.

  4. A great departure from the photo that adds a sense of adventure! Who hasn't wanted to climb a fence to see what was on the other side? Fun!

  5. And this was your first time drawing people??? Wow!!

  6. All fences are an open invatation for children to climb...Great job! And I really like your other one as well. It seems you found quite a bit of inspiration here!!

  7. Thank you to everyone for the positive comments. I should clarify though and say that although this is not the first time I have drawn children or included them in a piece, it is the first time that I painted them directly onto the fabric. Previously, I had drawn the children and painted them on a seperate piece of fabric just in case I messed up-which is entirely popssible! Thanks again.

  8. So sorry I am so late.

    I love this. I remember doing this a lot when I was growing up. For some reason there were always fences preventing you from going where you wanted to. Love that you took a somewhat menacing scene and turned it into children being children.

    I love both pieces...one more serious and one more playful.

    Great job.

  9. Love the spirit of this piece - makes me want to join the boys in their shenanigans. Wonderful job with the chalk pastel.

    I liked your other piece as well.

  10. This one made me smile. Adults want to know what's on the other side but (usually) show restraint. Children, on the other hand, go for it!


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