Friday, September 3, 2010

Help With September Photo

Last month's photo was a struggle for some of us. I think this month's photo is challenging also. If we all agree how does everyone feel about using this month to test out something new? I am suggesting that if you need assistance with your piece that you do a post with photos and a few, very specific questions. Not for critical feedback on a finished piece but just for suggestions to help you over the hurdle. The FLICKR site is not being utilized so how about we think outside the box a little here? It would give people a chance to see our individual processes and I just don't think it will detract from the surprise element of the challenge.

Please post or email on the above idea as soon as possible so people can get help if they need it...or not:)



  1. This seems fine to me. I won't be able to do any work until next week when guests are gone, but I have a tentative plan. It's too soon to know how it will work out or if it will, but in any case, I think having the option to ask for input is a good idea. Not everyone would choose to take it, I guess, but that surely is ok too.

  2. I am more interested in hearing what others saw in the photo, and how you decided to follow what path. That is the hardest part for me. I think I am trying so hard to figure out how to abstract the photo (any of them), or a portion of the photo, it almost paralyzes me for awhile- and then I end up taking the path of least resistance- and with this photo, that would be easy.

    So if anyone is willing to share your thinking process, I'd love to hear it. And I hope what I just wrote makes sense, because I am NOT asking for people to tell what they are doing specifically!

  3. I see strip piecing. (And, back in '99 when I took the picture I was very interested in lines & how they could be worked in fabric.) But, I will probably stick with my experiments of raw fabric and do some kind of layering of fabric strips instead of strip piecing.

    I could certainly see those fence pickets interpreted as pleats, a grid pattern for quilting, value study in neutrals. The foliage and bushes inside the gate could be sewn with alot of different textural techniques.

    I originally thought this photo was going to be pretty easy for quilters to grab onto--doing something easy or simple is OK every now and then! I didn't expect any of us to struggle to come up with an idea; but, what is clear to one may not be clear to another.

  4. I think everyone has been generous in sharing the process for their interpretation of each challenge.

    The initial thing I do is play with the photo in Elements. First I posterize it then look at it through all the different filters. This helps me see the picture "through different eyes" and get unstuck from my first impression/idea. If that first thought is a good strong one, it wins out and I proceed without few doubts that another direction would've been better.

  5. I like the graphic lines of this one, hoping to expand with that idea but as yet I have not really settled down to a specific idea. Usually I sit with sketch book and play for a day or two to see just where I am headed. Just what pops out at me from a photo. I will try and grab photos of start to finish and post to flicker. I do like that idea!

  6. I look for shapes, lines, colors, or images that appeal to me and then how they could be captured in cloth with the techniques I'm interested in using. If possible I also look for an idea, feeling, or association that the photo conveys. The hard ones for me are the ones where there seems only one way to go and there's no emotional connection.

    In this one I see rectangular shapes and lines in different values of earth tones with the foliage providing contrast in color and shape. As Debra said, there are different ways to do this. I'll probably be going with the obvious here because it's another busy, broken up month for me.

  7. I must admit I forgot all about the Flickr site. I tend to capture first impressions of the photo for the challenge and then play with the ideas that intrigue or inspire me. I found myself reading through everyone's comments and thinking 'yeah, me too.'

    I'm still trying to understand 'how' I work - keeping the sketchbook has helped. Time management issues have dictated many of my choices on implementing an idea. But usually once I decide, I work head-down-full-steam-ahead, no regrets.

  8. Nellie,
    I love the process you used and I will try that with some other photos I have been wanting to quilt!

    My process is less clear. First I generally live with the picture for a while, develop an idea of where I want to end up, think about different techniques I could use (since that is the driving force for me in this challenge) and the effect that each technique would give, then go with the technique that offers the effect I like best.


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