Monday, August 30, 2010

Under The Bridge - Nellie

"Under the Bridge" 13" x 17"

Fabric, tulle, mono filament thread,
oil stick pastels, inkjet printing
It's the reflections in the water as well as the bridge that captured my attention ... the reflection of the one large building in particular.
I had masked that off from the rest of the photo so I could play with Photoshops filters on the top portion of the picture.  When I hit on the above combination, I got excited about mixing the realistic reflection in the water with an impression of the actual scene.  Woo Hoo!  I get to use my "ortwork" collage technique.

I printed two copies of the reflection on "InkJetPrinting" fabric by Jacquard.
This was because I needed more than one width of the 11" across that prepared fabric.  I rotary cut each of them into sections and then gave those serpentine edges.  Then they were combined to portray the building and fill out the dimension to the 13" that all of my IT pieces measure.
Those bits cut away from the serpentine edges became reflections in the water ... along with a lot of threads, bits of roving, and "stuff".
I let that one building fill the width at the top of the piece.
The collage work made the details.  The people in Beverly's photo look as though they're having a good time.  I added many more revelers partying on the bridge.

And then I fell in love with the bridge.

I hadn't intended to make it so solid and realistic ... that happened with the quilting.  So it has become the focal point.  Of course, it's commanding the prime visual spot of just above the center in the composition which ensures attention.

Even though my life has been hectically full for the last two months, this challenge piece had been in my mind often.  It was physically begun and finished in one day.


  1. I love it. That you were able to complete this in a day floors me! The ortwork people on the bridge are wonderfully festive. Great quilting on this, I especially love the water under the bridge, it moves so nicely! You nailed it!

  2. Fantastic! Love that the technique that is so yours worked so well on this piece adding great texture you can almost feel. Adding more revelers on the bridge gave an otherwise neutral photo lots of color and made it just as you said "festive"!

    Copying the reflection and then cutting parts for the lower part of the water was so clever of you.

    Bravo Nellie!

  3. Very cool that you were able to add the ortwork with the printed fabric--I can see that lightbulb going off! Nice interpretation!

  4. What a very clever combination of methods, and so effective. Like Karen, I'm impressed you did it in one day!

  5. Only you could so successfully combine fabric printing and ortwork! The reflection in the water works beautifully, and I like that the building is much more colorful than in the picture. How you pulled that off in one day is beyond me!

  6. Wonderful job on the reflection, but my favorite part is the confetti of people!

    I love the creative sprint of doing a piece in one day, especially when it's been allowed to incubate 'in mind' for some time.

  7. A very Nellie-esque piece! I knew you were going after that reflection-it is something that I know you like to capture. Good job:)

  8. Another amazing piece, Nellie! The reflection is mind-boggling. And the fact that you executed it in one day. Wow. I'm speechless.

  9. Gorgeous, marvelous, fabulous! Can't find the word that sums up my response to this piece but just saying that I love it didn't either. Lovely techniques that you combined, they're seamless.

  10. Oh, this is what I wanted my piece to look like! It is wonderful!


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