Sunday, August 29, 2010

Temps Jaloux -- Kim

Temps Jaloux
7.5 x 4.25 inches
fabric scraps on Timtex, machine stitched,  crayon, colored pencil

This summer I have been everywhere except in front of the computer - so it seems fitting that this month's challenge is a postcard! The title, Temps Jaloux, which translates as 'Envious Time' is from the poem La Lac by Alphonse de Lamartine.

The challenge came together quickly - procrastinating until the very last moment: I did a sketch; laid out snippets of fabric directly onto the Timtex; ironed in place; stitched; and added some marks to highlight certain areas.

For the back, I borrowed a few lines from Lamartine's poem:

('Temps jaloux' are the first two words after this part of the poem)

C'est fini!


  1. When the image first appeared on the screen I said, "How clever. Looks just like a postcard." And then I saw the back. Very cool idea. And nicely executed, I might add.

  2. I like it- your really caught the mood of the piece. And I love the fact it's a postcard, how fitting!

  3. you packed alot of punch in this small work! I love that its a post card, so fitting!

  4. I was going to say what Karen said--lots of action in a little piece! Very cool & I like the colors too.

    I thought about vacations and postcards too but when my piece grew past 6", I knew I was not doing a postcard! I alluded to it with my title.

  5. Size doesn't matter, Kim :) It's impressive how much depth and perspective there are in this little piece! Good job.

  6. I love how you translated this into a postcard.
    I was even more surprised when I enlarged the piece and saw all the detailed stitching you did all around. The back with the poem was the frosting on the cake. A little Gem!

  7. Just noticed the Department de Savoie postmark thingie--how did you do that? What a great finishing touch!

  8. That is a sweet little deal. Compact yet super effective. I really do like this one and especially like that it is small.

  9. I too just noticed the post mark! How cool is that!! Tell us how that came about.

  10. Super! Big impact in a small space. You clever girl, you .. both sides are wonderful.


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