Sunday, August 29, 2010

Memories of Annecy--Libby

Memories of Annecy
11" x 14"
painted and stitched fabric affixed to 3/4" profile canvas

I have an alternate title too, just like Rian. Mine would be called Down The Rabbit Hole. I have done this a couple of times now (twice) where I have reached too far and too hard for a project that didn't require it. I had several ideas and should have stuck with my original concept; it was the simplest to execute and conveyed what I wanted which was an abstraction of the colors and lines of that photo. The only thing I didn't add was the woman's outline-I ran out of time and was moving in the process.

Just a funny side note to the above: Everything was packed in my workroom practically but I left out some supplies. I did not leave out the exacto knives (I have two mind you) and so could not make a stencil for the woman or any line work. What I did have was contractors' tape so I did the line work with that.

My favorite parts of the piece are the colors and composition. It feels like a light filled scene to me-like I lit up the photo. The painting was done quickly, in one sitting, and with lots of energy and just a mental map of the overall design.


  1. Absolutely lovely! Really! Light-filled describes it perfectly.

    What woman? Who needs a woman?

  2. I think your painting is fabulous! Too funny about the contractors tape but we have to use what we have to use!

    I can not tell you exactly why I
    like this piece but the idea of using just black lines as you did, to capture a hint of the structures, is fascinating.

  3. I love it! It hints at the photo without literally depicting it. The use of light, color, and texture with the brushstrokes is masterful. I could look at this for a very long time.

  4. I love this! Very impressionistic and it works. I think you are onto something.

  5. Yes! This is so energetic. Light filled and such movement! I had tried to do something along these lines at first and failed miserable. This is just so fantastic!

  6. Nicely done! I really like the rigid black lines on top of the energetic colors.

    I can't imagine it with a woman's outline... I like it sans femme.

  7. Yes! You've captured the light and "bones" of the photo beautifully. I cannot imagine it any other way. Kudos!

  8. I'm blown away! the painters tape worked and that's what counts.


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