Friday, August 27, 2010

Buildings and Bridges- Beverly

Buildings and Bridges, 25 1/4" by 20"

I had a number of ideas I wanted to explore with this challenge.  First, I approached it from a shape and lines perspective rather than images of specific objects.  I wanted to explore the juxtaposition of straight lines versus curved, rigid versus organic.  Those arches intrigued me, and I wanted to figure a way to cut them out of the quilt.  Finally, I wanted to do something besides abstract strip piecing- which would have been really easy with this one!

There's a lot I like about this piece, and a lot I'd do differently.  I love how the colors work together.  I'm really happy with the quilting on the water- I used about six different colors of thread.  I figured out how to cut out the arches.

The quilting on the top didn't work the way I'd hoped.  The lines off to the right were meant to suggest other buildings that were further out.  Instead, the difference between those and the diagonal lines on the rest of the top is just a distraction.

The whole style of the piece is neither abstract nor realistic.  To me, it has the flavor of an illustration from a child's book- not a bad thing.  I'm just not sure how well it all works together. 

I did a lot of quilting- and learned lessons that I'll put to use in future quilts.  Here's a couple of detail shots-

This month for me was mostly a grand experiment, with a number of lessons learned. 


  1. Love your concepts! The first thing I felt upon seeing this is how bold it feels! Then the details, colors and quilting lines! Cut outs! You did a wonderful job on this one. I like this alot!!

  2. I like the bright colors, simple shapes, and the way you've found your focus. This piece is a great example of what "interpretation" means, I think. Beautiful quilting too.

  3. I think you very successfully distilled the picture down to the most important elements. While the quilting doesn't run out and grab your attention, it certainly adds a layer of interest that is necessary for the composition.

    I also like the fact that you experimented and learned some things this month. For me, that is an important part of the challenge too.

  4. You have reduced the photo down to the primary elements and translated them into shapes that are beautiful in their simplicity. I personally like the quilting of the distant buildings as I find it more interesting to see that upon closer inspection. Your choice to use the warmer colors of the stone buildings rather than the cool tones in the photo is a good one and works well in this composition.

    You finished it off with the water flowing outside of the otherwise rigid border which was very clever. Nice job.

  5. I love this piece and I think you should be very proud of your ability to interpret in such a succinct and yet also free way.
    I wouldn't have the confidence to try these interpretive projects as yet, but you have certainly given me an eagerness to try!! Love the quilting lines too. Just fab all over!!

  6. Well, you had me at "child's book", what can I say? The cut out arches are clever as is the uneven overall shape of the piece. I see what you mean about the distant buildings and like what you tried to achieve with that-good concept. The quilting in the water is very effective and there are some great details on the buildings. I suspect that even though you didn't get everything you wanted that this is still a solid piece that you can be pleased with. I would be:)

  7. I think you should be pleased with your quilt!

  8. Awesome job--I like how you reduced the composition to simple shapes. The quilting is terrific.

  9. I like the quilting at the top and find a good balance between the diagonal lines and the stitched buildings. The colors work well together and I love the cut out arches - how does it look on a dark backdrop?

  10. Seemingly simple and direct, yet complex with your use of fabric patterns and quilting patterns. I, too, would like to see it over a dark(er) background.


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