Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bridge - Barbara

"The Bridge" 
30" X 23"
Designed, Raw edged fused applique, Shiva paint sticks
& machine quilted .


Since this was a complicated photo I began by eliminating the post on the right hand side and then drew out the photograph on a grid so that I was sure not to lose the perspective.

Then I chose my fabric and used shiva paint sticks to paint the shadows under the bridges.
I did this before placing the bridge on top and trying to paint under it later.

I fused the fabric and then cut out the shapes and began applying them to my batting on my design wall.  I wanted the buildings to be a bit uneven and free cut rather than
straight up and down precise.  I think it adds interest and movement across the piece

I continued along the background areas before moving to the foreground.

When it was all together I began quilting and painting the reflection in the water.

I took the liberty to add the umbrellas to the people who were standing outside of the Cafe.  It just seemed so "French, oui oui!".

I am pretty happy with the results.     I thought about adding a border and opted for just the binding.  I am not totally happy with that.  Maybe it is too dark or maybe it could use a small border.  I will stare at it a bit longer to decide.


  1. You amaze me!!! I'm speechless!! Those reflections....the umbrellas.....I'm drooling...!! What a talent you have!

  2. I knew just from the photo of your drawing earlier this month that you were coming up with something spectacular, and you did not disappoint. The transparency on the water, the detail- c'est magnifique!

  3. Though I am impressed with the total piece what has me awe struck is the reflection in the water!! You have done a wonderful intrepretation of the photo!!

  4. This is precisely why I didn't do the whole picture!:):):) This one is really, really outstanding. That reflection is perfect but I like the overall "European" feeling to the piece. Even if I didn't know this was in France, I would still think Europe, somewhere. Those unbrellas a a great detail too-really nice. I do agree too that by having the buildings all just a little different and off somehow, you got a very natural feeling to the scene. Really, really nicely done.

  5. When I clicked on the blog, my first thought was, "Who moved the picture?" then when my eyes looked closer, I knew it was your fantastic work!

    Totally excellent in every way!!

  6. Oh, water...the buildings...everything! Amazing...

  7. What can I say! I will just repeat that the reflections are particularly outstanding. It's just lovely.

  8. Well now, you all have me blushing! Thank you so much! It thrills me you all like it.

  9. WoW! The amount of detail is impressive and the reflections are amazing. You really hit a home run on this one.

  10. A lovely piece! I especially like how you tackled the stairs. Love the reflection... I wanted to crawl into photo, now, I'd settle for being shadow under one of those umbrellas! Well done.

  11. Ditto to all the comments above!

    Your work is truly amazing and I'm a BIG fan.

  12. ditto, ditto, ditto to all of the comments. this piece completley blew me away!


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