Monday, August 30, 2010

Rapunzel in the Tower- Karen

       Rapunzel in the Tower

I started out with a rather large drawing of the castle like building in the center back of the photo. Played around with that and various ideas from photo realistic to abstract shapes. I really liked the tower. I kept on coming back to that one part. While doodling around with the tower and bridge the fairy tale of Rapunzel would pop up in my head. She became a part of the tower drawing. I contemplated putting her into the tower with the other buildings and part of the bridge as drawn in the first draft.
But, I decided that she would have to be too small for me to do her justice. OR the whole quilt would be a years worth of work if I wanted to make her a good size. Sooooo, in the end I just made the tower with a decent sized Rapunzel!

     I strayed from the photograph and played with inspiration a bit ( maybe too much ) and in the end I am very happy with this one. I would have loved to do this whole castle like building with Rapunzel in it if only I had the time!

    After doing the lovely rocks from Nellie's April photo I was totally ready to add french knots in and around the cobbled bricks of the tower. Again, time only allowed so much. I don't know if that would have really worked but it is a moot point now. This one is so much more a work that feels like 'mine'. I was really happy to have the extra month to work on it. Could not have done this in a months time at all!
For the slate tower roof I pieced together some hand painted fabrics I had done last year. The blue/grey/green color seemed just right.

face detail

hands holding hair detail

bottom end of tower detail

Finished size of Rapunzel in the Tower is 35" x 7". painted cotton with hand embroidery using cotton floss. Machine free motion stitching for the tower bricks/cobbles.


  1. This was supposed to publish at noon....oops had it saved as draft..sigh.

  2. Karen, how creative and fun. I wish I had thought up something fantamagical like this. The quilting texture in the building facade is fantastic--I need to learn how to do pebbles. Love the hair!

  3. I don't think you strayed too far--the tower is certainly part of the photo! What a great way to focus and add your own interpretation. The embroidery of the hair, the face, and hands is lovely.

  4. Your piece adds a needed personality to this picture. I think it is a great imaginary story for the picture to tell. Your hand embroidery is really very wonderful!!

  5. I love her. I love her hands around her hair, the expression on her face and the gown just slightly off her shoulder. A story book interpretation is just fine with me.

  6. Rapunzel is lovely. As always, your handwork is fantastic. It's a wonderful and imaginative slice from the original photo.

  7. I just think you made your Rapunzel very expressive with your stitch work. A clever concept. Glad that you chose to extrapolate this idea.

  8. She has personality, and I love the hair! The texture you achieved with your quilting is exquisite. A really creative and well-executed interpretation!

  9. I just love those luscious locks of hair and the way they meander down the tower wall! Beautiful work!
    'Raiponce, Raiponce, descends-moi tes cheveux.'


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