Monday, June 14, 2010

Message For Group and June Check In-Libby

I don't have a photo to show a hint or anything. I am finished and I am happy with the piece. I will say that there is painting involved and that I tried a new-to-me technique using matte medium gel. I learned a lot about acrylic mediums in the process so it was well worth the effort.

I am sure everyone is thinking, "Again with the painting, Libby?????" LOL!

Hope everyone is plugging along. Don't forget to post your mid month check in if you can. Also, if you need help and want to utilize the Flickr album (for getting suggestions from the group or an informal look-see), let me know or give it a try. If you do post a photo there and ask for help, be sure to send us all an email. There is also an album set up for May's work if you want to put your photo there.



  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your painting.

  2. Looking forward to your new painting technique!

  3. Again with the painting Libby????? LOL! You're done? I'm jealous!

  4. This is just a series of yours. I am lookiing forward to see the painting again as well as the story that will go along with it! :)


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