Sunday, June 13, 2010

June Check In -- Kim

I finished June's IT! this morning -- happy I'm done and pleased with the results. We are driving down to California on Wednesday, boarding a ship on Sunday, and cruising down to Mexico. We won't be back in Oregon until July 1st and I don't think I'll have much, if any, computer time. I'm scheduling my June IT! to be revealed on June 28th and will be looking forward to seeing/commenting on everyone's interpretation of Karen's lovely butterfly.

Here's a page (tease/carrot) from my sketchbook...

On the left is a poem by May Swenson (' is the common occurrences that matter to the creative mind.'):

Unconscious Came a Beauty

Unconscious came a beauty to my wrist and stopped my pencil,
merged its shadow profile with my hand's ghost on the page: Red Spotted Purple or else Mourning Cloak, paired thin-as-paper wings, near black, were edged on the seam side poppy orange, as were its spots.

I sat arrested, for its soot-haired body's worm shone in the sun.
It bent its tongue long as a leg black on my skin and clung without my feeling,
while its tomb-stained duplicate parts of a window opened.
And then I moved.


  1. If it's as lovely as the sketch, it's a real winner.

  2. I do love your sketching out the ideas. I know it will be lovely.

  3. Beautiful sketches. Bon Voyage!!

  4. Intriguing! I'm looking forward to your reveal.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you have done!


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