Tuesday, June 15, 2010

jdemilo's June Check-in


Nellie and I are in the same boat!  
The flag is not a surrender flag!

I have finished and sent off the two pieces that will hang in an art gallery in Showhegan Maine and the one piece that will hang in the Maine State Quilt Show in Augusta Maine.  NOW to get busy on the IT! challenge. 

I have the quilt made in my head and just need to get it transferred to fabric.  Tonight I will be dyeing (no hints on the colors) but it will be on my silk again!  Wish me luck!  I am still waiting on some fabric I ordered for the quilt 2 weeks ago.  I hope it shows up soon or I will have to come up with a Plan B for that part of the quilt.


  1. Wishing you the luck you need! I too am waiting for fabric. And getting nervous about it...

  2. When I first saw this I though...Wow she is really thinking outside of the box! Good luck. I have faith in you to pull this off.

  3. Like Barbara I was wondering where the ship was heading!! I have faith you will find all the luck and time you need.

  4. Well, at this point you're definitely in the boat and going somewhere. I'm not floundering even though the piece is still only in my head ... I'm just not going anywhere with it yet.


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