Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hop, Skip, and a Jump-Libby

Hop, Skip, and a Jump
11" x 14"
Acrlic paints on cotton fabric
affixed to painted 3/4" painted canvas
In her post about her photo, I seem to remember that Karen said that both she and the butterfly were surprised with such a beautiful springtime day. That seemed like a nice thought to me and prompted some thinking about being happy on a day like that. Also, it seemed like the butterflies could be put into a context that I was more familiar with. I tried to combine something that might show some simple joy (the child playing on a warm day) with an element from the photo (the butterfly). I added some extra butterflies since where there are one, there could just as easily be many more.

For techniques, I tried to make the child, the butterflies, and the tall grasses really stand out. To help this along, I added several layers of matte gel medium to the background to somewhat tone down the clouds, lake, and background trees. I then repainted the reeds and the tree. Some of that worked and some didn't. I also learned a lot more about "muddying" the acrylic paints. Overall though, I am happy with the concept and outcome.


  1. I think this is my favorite of yours so far. The girl is so full of joy at spotting the butterflies and perhaps trying to catch one. Love her hair especially. The mood is storybook-like. Just lovely.

  2. It's charming. I like the way the blue of her dress repeats the blue of the butterflies as though she were a butterfly herself.

  3. I agree with Barbara--my favorite. Something about the way you capture the softness is so gentle and dreamy. You would be a natural at illustrating children's books. Lovely piece, Libby.

  4. Very nostalgic and sweetly done! Definitely your own interpretation of the photo!

  5. Very nice. You're getting good at painting landscapes. I definitely feel the light-heartedness a summer day.

  6. Sweet! She looks as if she wants to catch a butterfly! Nicely done!

  7. It is so sweet. I like that you made the grasses tall and how the color of the butterflies is echoed in the little girls dress.


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