Sunday, June 27, 2010

Butterfly Garden--Debra

Butterfly Garden

34 x 39

raw edge fabric overlapped with embroquilting attaching it to surface; embellished with embroidered butterflies and hummingbird

decorator and cotton prints

I thought this month's picture might make a nice companion piece to my May piece, Spring Returns  so I set about making Butterfly Garden with that idea in mind.

I decided this was as good as any opportunity to use some decorator samples I had been saving--they represent the garden (bush) in a broad sense.  I didn't have as many dark greens as I had hoped and then in the end I was glad.  The dark greens were not very appealing to me; but overall, the mix of light and dark backgrounds formed a nice colorwash(ish) background that appealed very much.  The only real drawback is that the prints were very busy but I decided that worked to my advantage portraying a garden anyway.

I experimented with the embroidery machine doing the quilting and again, I liked how that turned out.  My only problem with this piece is that instead of fusing or gluing the fabric pieces to the background first, I pinned them and didn't overlap them significantly.  Some of the fabrics moved apart when they were hooped for embroidery and in a few places there are gaps. Since the background is also green & the whole technique for the composition is a bit informal, it is OK. 

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  1. Hello,
    It's beautiful. I like the composition, colors and quilting.
    Thanks for share

  2. Your collage style always stops me in my tracks. So visually rich. I like the way you left the zigzag and raw edges.

  3. I love it and it is a great companion piece to Spring returns. The collage technique along with the embroidery works so well together. I can feel the textural quality and know in person it has to be even more evident. The color wash works so well and makes me feel the denseness and shade in the bottom of the flower bed, opening up into the sun at the top. Great piece.

  4. That certainly is a beautiful full-blown garden ... the complete opposite of a serene woodlands floor.

  5. You've done a wonderful job of creating a style and technique that is unique to you!

  6. This piece is unmistakably yours! It will make a marvelous pair with the May quilt. The embroidery/quilting is lovely, and carries out the 'theme' of the inspiration photo.

  7. OH This is wonderful!! Love the fabrics and how great will it be to have this hanging near your spring quilt!!

  8. I do think this will be a good companion piece just as Barbara said. You really expanded out the idea of the garden. It is definetely your piece:)

  9. Wonderful companion piece to May's IT! challenge. I like the yin/yang mix of the background. I must confess it was fun spending time looking for - and finding the butterflies.


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