Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Dreams - Kay

Spring Dreams
16 x 12
Machine applique and quilting, reverse applique, manipulated fabric, beads, hand embroidery

Because I thought Libby's photo was so lovely and because I knew I would be pressed for time this month,  I decided to reproduce the photo very simply and directly.  It turned out I went away earlier and stayed longer than I expected, but I actually finished in plenty of time.

At the beginning of the year I resolved not to buy for fabric for these projects, so I tried to change the color effect of a fabric I had by a fabric manipulation technique that produces lots of wrinkles.  It's like shibori without the dye, I guess.  I put more detail about this on my blog.

I fused it, wrinkles and all, onto a piece of lightweight interfacing, did some stitching to hold it in place, and then used it for the shape of the tree.  After quilting in a circular design on the tree I used beads for more texture and to add to the mixed pink and white effect of the blossoms.  

Finally, like Kim, I wanted to use the idea of the fallen blossoms.  Although my tree is in full bloom, I added the fallen blossoms anyway, as in some of the old master still lifes, to suggest the passing of time and the transience of spring beauty.


  1. I think you very effectively interpreted the picture. It's obvious to me. I especially like the wrinkled technique you used-will need to keep that in mind. Good job!

  2. A very interesting technique for the blossoms. I love that you added the beads for some sparkle and the embroidery in the grass showing the passing of time. A great interpretation.

  3. Very nice graphics! You've reduced each part of the photo to its basic element of color and shape ... all held together with sweeping and curved lines.

    Your method of wrinkling the fabric is what I did for my very first "crinkle" quilt ;)

  4. I really like the 'fallen' blossoms! Well done!

  5. I like the wrinkle/crinkle approach but must confess my favorite part is the 'fallen blossoms.' Nicely done.

  6. The texture and attention to detail (beading and fallen blossoms) while maintaining a lovely simplicity is wonderful. Well done indeed!

  7. I love the simple complexity of this piece, if that makes sense. The beads on the ground are just the right touch too. The quilting adds just the right suggestion of detail. All the elements are really cohesive. The piece is just really lovely, Kay. Good job:)

  8. The wrinkles, the beads, the subtle lines of colored foliage in the background...very peaceful and serene. Nicely played.


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