Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Music in pink and green - Karen

9" x 17"
cotton batiks

Contrapuntal. That was the word my mother gave this piece when she saw it.
contrapuntal - having two or more independent but harmonically related melodic parts sounding together.
I like that.
I went out of my comfort zone on this one. Taking the colors. Simplifying shapes. eliminating distracting parts. Going abstract. Trying not to stray to far afield from the photo.
Petal shapes. Shadows on the greens. Leaves and flowers mingling.
The quilting is minimal. This one needed no added bits of stitching. It moves all on its own.


  1. Wonderful abstraction! All the shapes plus the sunshine and shadows are all there. I like your mother's descriptive word.

  2. The fabric choices & colors are wonderful. I love the contrast of soft curves of the petals against the sharp pointed shapes. Excellent abstraction.

  3. Congratulations for going outside your comfort zone!

  4. This is such a departure for you, but it worked well. I particularly like the way the background fabric suggests the light and shade of the photograph.

  5. What a pleasant surprise! Your piece sings! Lots of great movement! Well done, Karen.

  6. Love the fabric choices, and how they suggest the photo elements without spelling them out. I love complementary color schemes, and this one is no exception! I also like the contrast of straight/sharp lines with the more curvy ones on the ovals. I'll also second the congrats on moving outside your comfort zone!

  7. It does have a lot of movement all the way down the piece. There are a lot of contratsing elements too which adds to the effect. Good for you fro doing something outside The Zone:)

  8. A lovely composition - well played!I really like the contrast between the design elements.

  9. What a cool approach! Simple shapes and colors, and look what a super piece you came up with. Nicely done!


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