Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Pink- Beverly

I loved Libby's photo- all that green was balm for my winter-weary eyes, and that pink just gave it the zip I needed.  I knew I would do a more abstract piece, and that never changed.  

In the Pink- 17.5" by 18"
Wholecloth, painted with Setacolor transparent paints and bleeding tissue paper
Fused applique, machine quilted

I just imagined what it might look like if  nice warm summer breeze caught all those pink flower petals and sent them flying!

I wanted to use the bleeding tissue paper and paints right from the start.  I made several pieces over two weekends, and chose one of them.  The first weekend I did inside with my heat lamps due to lousy weather- the second were done outside.  I really do think the sun gives better results,.  I machine quilted the piece, trying to give a sense of movement or the wind.  The petals were cut from another piece of cloth I painted in the same way, then fused with the same technique Kay used recently- Terry Grant's.  I love how the quilting lines don't show through the applique.

Here's a couple of detail shots, so you can see the neat effects the tissue paper gives.

If you are interested in how I did this, I got it from the Summer 2006 issue of Quilting Arts magazine.  I've done it before, and have a piece that uses the same technique (but looks very different!) hanging over our fireplace.  On that one, the tissue paper refused to be removed, so I just quilted over it.  That created fantastic texture!  I was hoping the same thing would happen with these, but no such luck- it all peeled off without a problem.

This one makes me feel happy just looking at it. I think it may be headed for my office wall- I need all the happiness-inducing stuff I can have there!


  1. Oh, I can see that technique in my future!

  2. Those colors just make my heart sing!

  3. I like this! You captured several elements of the photo so well: the colors, the petals, and although you didn't mention it, all the curved lines in that photo.

    I tried that tissue paper technique when I first read about it, but couldn't find the right kind of tissue paper; it doesn't all bleed Isn't that weird? You'd think the cheap stuff would be more readily available. Your results are great.

  4. The quilting lines just make you feel the breeze taking the petals with it. The tissue paper dye is very interesting. I do not think I have that issue, I hope you explain this technique in the side bar for those of us who have not tried it.

  5. Awesome! I knew exactly what I was looking at the second I saw it ... mother nature's celebratory petal strewing. At least, that's what the phenomenon feels like to me when all the crab apple blossoms fall from a tree on our walkway.

    I had some of that crystal-like heat-set adhesive around the studio for the longest time. Now that I've found out how to use it, I suspect it's been thrown out. Argh! Now, I'll have to go shopping for it again because I like what I see in your piece and Terry's work.

  6. As soon as I saw this I thought "pink tornado"! You really got the sense of movement in this one. Love it.

  7. Great techniques and results. It really does make me think of blossoms being blown away by the wind, even without your explanation. Very clever use of quilting lines and the little pink blossoms are a great supporting touch. That tissue paper thing has got to be on my list:)

  8. A happy abstract - brilliant! I like the boldness of the piece, strong colors and quilting lines.

  9. Special!! I love the movement you achieved with the quilting lines. The tissue paper dye is amazing. I had not heard of it before, Wonderful results. A beautiful piece!!

  10. I love this piece! I feel movement and cheerfulness. The way you quilted it was PERFECT to create the effect of movement. Also, the petals on top of the quilting really emphasized it.


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