Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exotic Terrane --- Kim

"Exotic Terrane"
(24.5 x 32.5 inches)
Commercial fabric, machine pieced and quilted

At the beginning of April I had this idea that I wanted to use Colette Wolfe's The Art of Manipulating Fabric in creating the textures and layers that I found appealing in Nellie's photograph. I did some shirring and smocking, then made some little pillows but, I did like what was happening or where it was going. Next, I tried laying some blocks of color out on the design wall but I was unhappy with both the horizontal lines and the rectangles. I found myself moving to a more abstract representation of the photo but I couldn't quite find that "spark" to get enthused about working on the challenge. I went back to my brief research notes and found what I needed:
...the toes of the glaciers advanced down the valleys, sculpturing the v-shaped stream valley...
...amalgam of accreted crust...
Exotic terranes: crustal blocks displaying properties identified as having originated elsewhere than their present location through discontinuities in lithography, floral and fauna evidence...

and immediately thought about doing a primarily v-shaped abstract with a mixture of other shapes while still keeping some horizontal lines to illustrate the layers. I wanted to keep the palette limited and fairly neutral with black and white accents and those pops of color (green and orange) in the photo. I drew the plan for the quilt out on a piece of newsprint adding diagonal lines and notes where I wanted certain horizontal lines and accent colors. I cut the sketch into strips of varying widths and paper pieced the quilt with scraps of commercial fabrics. I did minimal machine quilting (in the ditch) and attached a simple binding.

It's done. It turned out better than I thought it would. The studio is a disaster but it will recover.

Design notes


  1. Wow! Another wonderful interpretation! One that features triangles! I love how they fracture the scene into an abstract picture. It's like looking through a prism.

  2. Hooray for you! I love the abstractness of this, and the way you've kept the colors and layers true to the photo. It was truly an inspired leap to the triangle shapes. Good job!

  3. This really is inspired. I can't agree with Kay more-this is a real leap. Just a completely different way of looking at the layers yet still super true to the photo. I think you really pulled this one off well.

  4. Oh, I also wanted to say that the whole piece is reall restrained but has a lot of impact-very detailed but the details flow to larger areas and forms. Really clever.

  5. One of your best pieces, Kim! I absolutely love it!!!!

  6. I'm with the rest- love the prism effect. An inspired abstraction!

  7. wonderful take on this photo!

  8. I am in agreement with everyone. Love how this turned out and the white just looks like light running across the layers. My favorite of yours so far! Great job.

  9. It's a wonderful abstraction of the photo. Brava!

  10. Yowza! I totally dig the "fractured" effect. I love it!


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