Friday, April 16, 2010

April Teaser --Jdemilo

What the hey?  (I can hear you saying it or at least thinking it) What does THAT have to do with the April challenge photo?  Good thing I am here to tell you.

I have been taking a lino carving/fabric printing class online.  Above you see (mid process) a print of a lino carving I did of fish.  I then overdyed (a bit too much in this example) to give more depth to the picture.  I have started the discharge process and will probably discharge and dye  a couple more times and maybe print one or two more times before I will be satisfied with this step.  The next step will be to embellish, quilt in ways that will emphasize the texture and forms, then embellish some more.  I have some wonderful threads, yarns, ribbon, and lace that will make wonderful seaweed for my fish to swim in.  Then I will bind the quilt using one of the12 cool techniques in the free download I got yesterday. Click here for your free download.

For my April Challenge I will be combining all the same techniques.  First lino carving and printing, then the dyeing/discharging, quilting in ways that will accent the textures and shapes, embellishment, bind,  and  Presto! (I hope) out will pop my version of the April challenge photo.

I hope you are now eager to see my finished product.


  1. You have piqued my curiosity! I have really enjoyed your posts about the linocutting- one of these days I am going to have to try it

  2. Well there are fish in that river, right?

  3. I too have been watching your lino cut posts with interest. Looking forward to seeing how they work in this one!

  4. Hey, fish gotta swim, no? Thanks for the link. Good stuff there.

  5. Looks like you're having fun and I'm looking forward to the reveal.


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