Monday, March 15, 2010

March Teaser -- jdemilo

My goal each month is to concentrate on different surface techniques to create my art quilt. This month I am working on my batik skills (or decreasing my lack thereof).

Here is the silk before I started dyeing it.

Here is the first color when I just low immersion dyed it in yellow.

Then I stretched it and started waxing and dyeing.

Here is the finished piece after several wax and dye sessions and a couple of dips in boiling water.  Actually, the color is better than it looks in the picture.

Now, can you guess how I am going to use it in my March quilt project?


  1. I think Beverly's right. Anyway, it looks very promising!

  2. Yeah, this does look the pattern for that curly hair. I'm looking forward to seeing how it gets incorporated.

  3. Fun! Isn't this challenge just the BEST for experimenting!

  4. ooh, cool... background fabric?

  5. Gorgeous fabric now....I can't wait to see it.


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