Sunday, March 28, 2010

Black Eyed Susans - Barbara

"Black Eyed Susans" - 24 1/2 in X 17"
Raw-edged fused appliqued 
Embroidery Perse - Beaded & Crystals - Oil Pastels
Machine Quilted

When I first saw the photo I was somewhat overwhelmed by all that it contained.  So I studied it for a while and decided that these three dolls were what I wanted to focus on.

I drew out my sketch and began searching my stash for a great background fabric and the doll face fabric.  I sandwiched the quilt and quilted the background only following the lines in the fabric.  Once that was finished I began assembling the faces.   This is what I fused first to the quilt.
I added  Pigma Penned  lashes and brows and oil stick pastels on the cheeks.

After finishing the faces I added the embroidery perse flowers and leaves and made the stems fusing it all down.  Then began the surface quilting.

Unlike some of you I saw glamour  rather than spooky or haunting, maybe due to being an antique dealer, so to add to that feel, I beaded their head pieces and added crystals to their beautiful blue eyes.
I used Nellie's tutorial for binding the edge with chenille yarn to bring a bit of texture of the hair to the piece.  I feel good about the results.


  1. You really have achieved glamor! The fabric choices are beautiful, and add so much to the faces, and the additional flowers "floating" across the surface are a wonderful touch. Lovely.

  2. Love this! Not a haunting bit to it. Beautifully done.

  3. You should feel good about the piece--it's great! You really captured the glamour of these dolls with their black eyeliner. Very beautiful piece.

    I think we'll all need to keep the original challenge piece on hand, because we'll need it to explain ourselves!

  4. Ohhhh, so elegant! A fabulous interpretation-rich in textures, colors and style! Great work, Barbara! love those flowers sprinkled across the one doll's breast area.

  5. I think there is both a haunting and a glamorous feel to this. The beads add great texture, and those eyes just draw you right in. I'm loving how everyone saw something different in this!

  6. I love, love, love this one. You definitely found the glamor in the original photo. Brava!

  7. Those dolls do look really elegant; like performers getting ready to go on the stage. Great results and very "you".

  8. Those are three lovelies with beautiful eyes. Your interpretation is marvelous. How clever of you to incorporate the elements of hair in the couched yarn edge finish, as well as the wood slat-like border frame that reflects the crates in the original, and the palette of the photo. It's all wonderful!

  9. Love the stylized faces and the beading is very lovely. Your piece is a very original take on the photo. It really wowed me. While it's true that faces portrayed like those can be a bit scary, yours are delightful. I think it's the eyes. They are so happy looking. Fun and elegant.

  10. I love your captivating interpretation and it really helped me see the photograph in a whole new light. A wonderful illustration of what these dolls could "become!" Excellent choice of background fabric, giving a softer edge for those lovely, well-named ladies. Well done.


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