Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hong Kong Garden -Barbara


"Hong Kong Garden" -   (37 in. X 14 in.) 

Cotton Commercial Fabric
Raw-edged fused applique
Machine quilted

Living in a small town we do not have any great Chinese Restaurants in the area.  What we do have
is the typical strip mall chinese buffet that you see in everytown USA.  Ours is call "Hong Kong Garden".   The only one who enjoyed eating there with Bob and I was our daughter Molly.  So I made this piece a reminder of the three of us going out to eat there and being careful to pick only the sure things on the menu!


I am a raw edged fuser so I immediately decided on that technique for this piece.  The photograph  had me focused on the round white plate and the diagonals caused by the chop sticks.  So I concentrated on those two elements first.

  I had some leftover oriental fabric in my stash for a UFO and pulled that out to incorporate into this piece.  The background fabric was first selected for its floral look for the 'Garden".  It has metallic gold in it giving a bit of the sparkle I wanted.

I  did not want them to stand alone on the background so sketched out the three plates with the diagonal chop sticks and then decided on the  borders in black and reflected the oriental style once again.
Once I finished that I began to add the food.   I liked the fact that I could mix the curves into the pea pods & dumpling along with the straight lines in the french fries and napkin.  The rose seemed to me like the perfect dumpling.

I chose to ignore the noodles.  I auditioned some string and yarn and then some ribbon, but I thought it took away from the organized simplicity of this piece true to chinese culture. 


Once I was pleased with the layout I had to decided on the binding.  Nothing looked right to me or added enough to the quilt until I took some leftover pieces that I used on my inner borders and placed them on the outer edge.   I fused them down rolling them over to the back and fusing them once again on the back. 

I quilted the entire piece at the end echoing the circular plate within each block and organic line quilting 
the rest of the background.  Each item is quilted and I could not resist putting some peas in the pods.

Welcome to "Hong Kong Garden"!


  1. I like what the wonky borders add to the piece, and your veggies have a nice whimsical flavor to them. Well done!

  2. I am really enjoying reading about the stories behind these quilts. There is so much about this one that I like! Three plates,offset framing as a placemat suggestion and the echo quilting around the plates is such good composition. Your fabrics are great choices. Very well put together and the rose as dumpling,Love that!!

  3. This is a lovely composition. You made the food realistic without being totally literal, and the background fabric is a surprising choice that worked really well.

  4. This is a great mix of techniques working together successfully! You were able to distill the picture down to the essentials, add a modern flair and come out with a personal piece. Cool!

  5. Wonderful graphics and wonderfully presented! There are "carefullness" as well as "carefree" qualities to it ... much like the dining adventure your family experienced. Your playful sense of humor is evident ... especially in your using the rose fabric for the dumplings. I hope I can remember the clever way you finished that edge.

  6. Lovely 'dining' triptych and it's wonderful that it captures a family memory. The border treatment is brilliant. Fun and playful - nice job.

  7. That is a great take on the food shown on the plate. You took all the jumbled elements and distilled them down to a simple yet effective look. As always, you had the perfect fabrics too. It looks wonderfully Asian inspired without screaming that!


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