Monday, February 1, 2010

February Challenge Photo-Rian

The photo has been chosen for February's challenge piece. Rian indicates the following about this photo:

It was taken in a restaurant in Shanghai, China, in 2005. Plates of food are placed on a lazy susan in the middle of a large table and you serve yourself. Jim thought he was allergic to soy sauce or something in the cuisine, so he got an order of french fries and I stole a few, which is why there are french fries on the plate.

I always take pictures of food when we travel which is why I had a lot to choose from. I chose this picture because of the variety of items on the plate and the different textures.

Great photo, Rian! Please keep in mind that everyone is welcomed to do a mid month check in with your piece's progress-utilize the blog or Flickr account or both. The Flickr account is there to help you show pictures so if anyone doesn't want to see the piece in progress or have the surprise spoiled then viewing photos of the work is optional. Also, using other group members as a resource to work out your initial concepts is absolutely encouraged. If you feel that the information is useful post your ideas on the blog. The blog can be thought of as a "studio location" and utilized in much the same way as if you had someone working right next to you.

Good luck to everyone and please feel free to email Debra or me with any questions or concerns.



  1. Thanks for making it bigger, Libby. And thanks, Rian. This is an interesting photo. Can't say that I've had an aha moment yet, but I hope it will come.

  2. This is going to be a fun piece--I can already think of some basic design principles that could be worked out, some cultural ideas, some food ideas-interesting color palette. This picture has plenty happening in it! Thanks Rian!

  3. oh boy oh boy!! Just look at all that texture, colors, shapes!!!!


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