Friday, February 5, 2010

Early Check In - Rian

I'm happy that you have found this month's photo to be fun. That was my hope. Food is something we all relate to, and the shapes and textures on this one lend themselves to a lot of interpretation. That, and it's fun to have a food quilt around the house. I think I'll hang mine in the kitchen. It will be a great conversation piece.

Another way I am challenging myself this year is to try and use what I have on hand and not buy anything, although a nice piece of fabric with red dragons on it would be dynamite for a background. I had some bridal satin that would have made a cool plate, and I intend to experiment with fabrics other than cotton, but it wasn't wide enough. I opted to not piece it and went instead with a solid Kona cotton. But that can always change!!!


  1. I am working out of my stash too; except today when I went into Hancocks to get a new rotary cutter, I spotted the perfect fabric with japanese calligraphy on it. So, of course I bought a piece.

  2. I'm going to have to buy some fabric for this. Looking tomorrow.


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