Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Feedback--Reinforcing the Challenge Concept

After much discussion back and forth with ideas, Libby and I have decided on two approaches for the Interpret This! Challenge. 

The first approach is that we want this challenge to have a Studio feel to it.  We want you to feel like you can come over to this blog and hang out with friends, fellow quilters, artists or followers to discuss your work, their work, all of our work.  We hope it will be a place where we can let ideas germinate into pieces.  So we want to encourage thoughtful conversations here. 

In promoting the Studio feeling, we want artists to be able to come here for Quick Feedback from any of the members of the challenge group.  We understand that sometimes you may need a quick opinion to get your piece moving in a particular direction.  Sometimes you just need to share your vision, your opinion or your ideas about the creative process or the particular project to see if you are on track with your whole idea. 

By Quick Feedback we do not mean In Depth Critiques nor do we mean Casual Comments.  Quick Feedback is more of an Affirmation and a What Iffing? approach to particular questions the artist raises.  We are not asking people to solve our design problems but to encourage us to solve our own design problems. 

We also understand that with this virtual Studio & Quick Feedback opportunity, it is going to be necessary from time to time to show pictures as you explain your vision for your piece.

In light of the original challenge concept of having a Reveal at the end of the month to show how you arrived at your conclusion, Libby and I decided that is such an integral part of the challenge that we didn't want to dilute or discontinue it. 

I have set up a Flickr album that you can use for posting any work in progress pictures for Quick Feedback.  By posting your pictures in your folder, we can keep the element of surprise for the Reveal here on the blog.  By utilizing the flickr album, you can ask design questions and members that want to participate can go over to the album and add suggestions.  If you choose not to post any progress pictures or to particpate with suggestions, that is fine too. 

Our intent is such that you would not show up at the blog & see too much of a project should you not be interested in seeing it until the Reveal.  But, for those who may need some help during the month, we want a place to show the photos and ask for help (flickr album).

**We are not asking you to post a daily work in progress album! Just use the flickr album for a Quick Feedback solution. **

At the end of the month, we will be posting all of our monthly finished pieces in specific flickr folders.  This will be part of the Reveal process & will help us build a Gallery of Finished Photos for our group.  This will be a valuable way to see how the group and individuals work through the challenge each month.  Posting your photos in flickr is totally voluntary; although posting them to the blog at each Reveal is basic to the success of the monthly Reveals.
How The Studio Quick Feedback will work:
If at any time during the month, you need some help, post your photos with your direct questions in the flickr album.  Then, come to this blog and issue an alert.  You can even restate the problems here.  Those who would like to respond without seeing the photos of your work in progress can respond to you on the blog.
In your Alert Post, link to the flickr album.  Those that want to go to the album can click the link to see your photo.

We will still have the Mid-Month Check-in on or about the 15th with a photo teaser.  Even if you have divulged your project on the flickr album continue to post a teaser. 

Addressing the question of indepth feedback, we decided that we would like members to offer thoughtful and insightful feedback to encourage each artist at the Reveal.  Our main intent is to let each artist experiment with her ideas as they relate to each month's photos and then present her work to an audience of interested viewers.  We feel that the flickr album for Quick Feedback should be enough to help an artist move her piece toward a polished finish.

Comments, questions?

Edited to add:  posting photos to flickr is voluntary.


  1. I thought that the main part of the reason for this blog was to have a place to post our finished pieces at month's end. Now they will be on flickr at month's end?

    I understand the need for using flickr (optionally) for a piece in progress if someone is having a problem, but at the end of a challenge the only two places where I want my work to appear are either on this blog or my own blog. I haven't agreed to anything more than that....

  2. No, they will be here at month's end (that's the original idea & the original purpose). They can be posted to flickr if you want to post them in the gallery--that part is optional-as a way to show a body of work.

    I'll edit that in the blog post to be more clear-as a voluntary action on the artist's part.


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