Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Reveal Schedule

Since February is a short month, I am going to combine a few of the artists into groups of 3/day.  We can return to our 2/daily in March.  I just want to make sure everyone has enough time to finish her piece by her Reveal.

For the Morning Reveal try to post around 8:00 AM CST
For the Mid-Day Reveal try to post around Noon CST
For the Evening Reveal try to post around 6:00 PM CST

Remember that you can schedule your post ahead of time so it automatically posts around the designated time.  Let me know if you need help.  If you do an automatic post, do your prep work at an odd time so if someone is trying to post at her designated time, blogger does not time out on her efforts.  We had some trouble with that during the January Reveal.

February 25:
AM:   Beverly
Noon:  Debra

February 26:
AM: Kay
Noon: Karen
PM: Judith

February 27:
AM: Libby
Noon:  Nellie
PM:  Rian

February 28:
AM: Kim
Noon:  Barbara
PM:  Anyone who cannot make her scheduled time or misses her appointment
We may also have a monthly Wrap-Up Discussion in the evening.
If you need to change this posting schedule, let me know.  

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  1. Good idea. I had been thinking that time would be short this month.


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