Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Choosing a Photo-Kay

This was hard for several reasons. Like Karen, I'm the photographer, so there are few photos of me. Older photos from my childhood are still at my mother's, so those are out. Finally, I don't think any of the photos I have show much about "me as an artist." I chose a photo because it's fairly recent, fairly flattering, and represents a happy memory. There is an artist involved, but I don't claim any kinship with him! It was even harder to think of a way to use the photo that reflected anything at all about me except my face. I think I may have finally worked that out, after much stress. Of course, the piece has to stand on its own, and appeal to a viewer who doesn't necessarily know the backstory. So I hope I can do that too.

By coincidence, I used an old photo for the Take It Further challenge a couple of years ago. Here it is, if anyone is interested. Artistically, I'm not pleased with the piece, but the memory and self-analysis were rewarding.


  1. Looking back at your post, I do remember that project. Challenges are cool in that they help us (me) get out of the ordinary with our (my) work. This will be another piece to show who you are--the many sides of Kay!

  2. What a great insight into your history and personality. I always appreciate "hearing" your voice and learning about you. Thanks:)


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