Saturday, January 9, 2010

Choosing my Photo- Beverly

I have agonized over this, enough to make up for those in the group who didn't! I have plenty of photos of me, lots from when I was younger- but I did not want to use those. I recognize her, she's familiar, but it's like looking at someone you know from across a large divide. Sometimes the teenager comes out to play (mostly on those infrequent occasions when I'm with my high school friends in California!)- but it doesn't reflect who I am now.

Looking at more recent photos was even worse. Good grief, when did my mother invade my face? I actually took some self-portraits, and trust me, they never made it out of the camera. Digital technology is a blessing, they were in the proverbial trash can quickly.

I did not want to just print a photo on fabric- and since I rarely do representational art, I was also struggling with how I'm going to pull this off in the time frame. I played with some recent photos in Elements, and came up with some ok ideas. But nothing that excited me.

Then I remembered a chalk sketch I have. It was made a year ago, when I was taken to an artist's studio by a friend, and ended up posing for about six portrait artists. It was a fascinating evening, both learning to sit very still and listen to directives, and watching the artists at work. One of them gave me her sketch when we were done.

I pinned it up on my design wall, took a picture of it, and got what I wanted. It's me NOW, without being photo-realistic. I think the sketch goes beyond what my photos captured, and I hope the finished piece in fabric reflects that also.


  1. I can't wait to see this piece! I laughed when you said "when did my mother invade my face," I can sooooo relate to that!

  2. It is going to be so much fun to see how the various techniques help determine the final piece. Beverly, you sound like you really did a thorough investigation of your pictures. I hope the agony wasn't overwhelming!

  3. I cannot imagine that any of us has had an easy time choosing how to present ourselves. It amazes me how we don't really know what we look like. We're not privy to observing our expressions and gestures ... let alone any tics. After all, we're on the inside looking out.

  4. Good to know I was not alone in the struggle over a photo! I too laughed at your mothers face invasion.. I just wonder who the heck is that old lady in my mirror....

  5. This sounds very intriquing!


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