Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update 12/8/09

We now have 11 members in our group! Yea and welcome everyone! Kim Campbell from SkybellArts is joining us.

So, I have changed the posting schedule and now Beena and Kim will be posting their work on Jan. 31st and any stragglers can post that evening. The schedule gives everyone a half day to have their 15 minutes of fame! and also with this size group it's nice to be able to linger over the work and write comments rather than rush through them all on one day. I do expect everyone to honor the posting dates.

Remember to swing by this post and leave a comment that you have found your personal photo that you will use for the base of your January's work. In other words, we just want to make sure eveyone understands the first challenge and has an idea of a concept before the month gets away from us.

Also, if you can share an on-line photo album of your quilt work, that's super. Send me the URL and I'll add it to the sidebar. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write your introductions--I think they were very helpful for getting to know each other. As the group develops and matures, I am sure we will enjoy each other's company.

If you have friends who would like to follow our group's work, feel free to invite them to come by and become followers. Also, please grab the logo of our group for your blog's sidebar.

Any questions or comments? Email me or Libby! Thanks!


  1. I am swinging by this post, and leaving my comment that I have found my photograph for the challenge!

  2. This is going to be fun checking in on you gals!

  3. I have not set up a slideshow of my work. My first thought was that I have not yet produced enough art quilts to warrant a gallery showing but then I thought of a few I wouldn't mind showing. I'll work on it this weekend and send you a URL for it.

  4. Swinging by to let you know I have my photo.

  5. Just a quick FYI--
    I added our blog to the Quilting Gallery so maybe we will draw some followers from that source. The blog had to be 2 weeks and several posts long before it could be approved. If you know of other free publicity sites, let me know.

    I would also like all the introductions done by the end of Dec so we can spend some time in Jan spreading the word about our challenge. It will be more fun if people stop by and comment.

    Good to know you are finding your pics--looks like about half of us have ours ready.

  6. Just to piggyback on Debra's post. Please let me know by the 15th (early next week) if you have your photos selected for the first challenge.

    I will also be working out the photo submission procedure for the remaining challenges. I think that everyone should have a turn in which to have their photograph selected and we want to keep it challenging. I will be sending out an email a little later on next week so stay tuned!

  7. Here's Beverly, swinging by to let you know I have my photo for the first challenge.

  8. I have a photo for the first challenge.Not a great or even good one LOL but it will work!

  9. I have a photo for the first piece.


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