Thursday, December 3, 2009


Here's the image I worked up for a "logo"/badge for our blogs. The easiest way to get it into your [blogger] sidebar would be to Save it to your computer, then go to Gadgets on your Layout Page, Add Photo Gadget. You can download this image. (I think it is small enough--if not, you may have to resize it in your photo software--it needs to be less than 260 pixels/width to fit comfortably in the sidebar-let me know if you need help). You may also be able to add this image from this webpage-but you are on your own there. I only tested it by saving it to my computer.
The link to add to the photo so it links to this blog when clicked is: that will get anyone to the main page.

Please add this to your blog as a way to identify us. We are still waiting for 2 other invitees to join us (and I am feeling doubtful, at this point.) We are also waiting for another introduction (ahem, Nellie) and then I would say we have all the housekeeping items cleared from our challlenge To Do List. Once January hits, I would like us to have a mass blog blitz to introduce our Interpret This! Challenge and encourge others to join as Followers.

Thanks! ~~Debra


  1. Clarification!!

    You will need to Save the image in our sidebar for the smaller size! the image in the blog post is too big.

  2. I clicked on Interpret This! earlier today and saw the logo. Nice job! I was hoping for a logo I could display on my sidebar. So...I snatched it! LOL

    I had no problem copying, adding a gadget, and adding the link.

  3. Great! my only concern is that it gets too small. But, hopefully, people can read the last line of text OK.

  4. It looks great. I re-sized it a little larger than the smaller size.

  5. No problem getting it on my blog. Thanks!!


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