Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Little Clarification

I've been thinking about Kay's post and wanted to make a few clarifications here.

You do not have to work in an artsy fartsy style if you are not comfortable working there. Any kind of work--that includes traditional work--is welcome here. My personal hope is that with the mix of talents we have here, we will have a wonderful mix of techniques too.

When Libby and I were working on this challenge idea the part that appealed to both of us was the idea that at the end of 2010, a participant could have between 9-12 pieces made that reflects her own particular style, sensitivities and expressions. Call it a portfolio, if you wish.

How you go about structuring your responses to the challenge is your own decision. You may decide to add some additional challenges to the challenge (and you can explain that at the Reveal) or you may not feel so inclined. Libby and I wanted to keep the boundaries as wide open as possible. The only stipulations are:
  • the piece has to relate back to the original photograph (and let's be real and make it fairly recognizable)
  • the piece has to use fabric and thread (you can add all kinds of other elements too)
  • the piece has to be finished for the Reveal date (finished is interpretive but it needs to look finished as though presenting as a gift or to a gallery)

I hope this takes the pressure off anyone who thought they had to "reinvent the quilting wheel" for this challenge. Any comments or concerns? Just leave a note here & either Libby or I will address them.

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