Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kim: An Introduction

Oh, the dreaded "me in a nutshell" sketch…

I grew up the oldest of four girls bouncing all over the world as my Dad climbed the Officer ranks in the Air Force and my Mother served as the social chair of his career. My memory of places and events is poor – maybe because we moved 19 times before I graduated from high school but most likely because I tend to look forward to the next new experience and not so much on the past ones. While, I appreciate my past experiences and am, in general, happy with how they shaped me into the person I’ve become, but I also feel lucky that I survived the first thirty years without serious injury to my mental and physical health (and reputation.)

I worked in the high-tech world, met and married the-love-of-my-life, had two daughters, and fell into a rhythm of life that was challenging and interesting, normal, safe, and secure. By my late 40’s, I was becoming disenchanted with the corporate environment, started having complex migraines, and left work to focus on…

well, I retired from work.

I started playing with quilting/fiber arts as a creative outlet and to escape the pain of the migraines - focused attention and the whirl of the sewing machine proved to be a wonderful analgesic! The migraines have subsided and my quest for a creative life continues.

I spent some time yesterday updating my flickr account and discovered that I’m missing three years of weeklies and about a dozen other quilted works. Whether I spend time playing hide & seek for images on the computer or spend time with the camera taking photographs, it'll be a project for 2010. I’m still attempting to figure out how best to use my blog. I’d like it to be a place for reflection on my creativity, a place for questioning my creative tactics, and a place for working through strategies to enhance my creativity.

I’m doing my best to live in the “now” of my how and what world. I must confess that I’m not sure where my creative journey is going to end up but I do love the adventure of it.


  1. It would probably be pretty boring if any of us knew where our creative journey was headed; so, you are in good company. Welcome to the Challenge Group, Kim!

  2. I don't know where my creative journey is taking me either, but I am going along on the ride.

    I'm so glad you are sharing this journey with us! We'll see where it takes us...

  3. Glad that you are on board with us. I like the goals that you have set up for your blog. Sort of like your inner monologue revealed!

  4. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing everyones input with this blog!


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