Monday, November 30, 2009

Prioritizing Your Work

I was just reading a quilter's comment on Facebook that she had errands to run today. What stuck me is that today is Monday and I don't consider Monday an errand day. For me, errands are low priority and they should be at the end of the week--like, when I am finished with the week. On Monday I see the week as new and want to give it my best shot so I use the beginning of the week for quilting work. (And, the truth is that Wes does most of the errands on his way home from work--since we live off the beaten path somewhat.) Recently I took some golf lessons & I had the same thought-I don't want lessons on Monday. I would rather have them "into" the week & it turned out that by Wed I was ready for them. That may also explain why I don't get too excited to go to the Monday Ladies Luncheon (among other reasons!).

So I thought it might be interesting to hear what others do. Do you reserve parts of the day or week for certain activites? How do you allot time for your quilt work? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being highest, where does quilt work fall?

Jump right in with your ideas!
Also, don't be afraid to post your introduction--we do want to get to know you!


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  2. I guess everyone has to do that from time to time. Moving to the boonies didn't help my "hermit" tendencies. And, since Wes likes to run errands, he will usually do them.

    The other day I had a notion to go to town and all I could think of was going to the fabric, thrift or the clothing stores. Since I don't need anything from any of those stores, I stayed home. It's kind of a bummer sometimes. I was thinking with my new interest in old linens that maybe I could go to the antique shops in another community nearby to look around. We live just far enough away from Houston that I don't go there very often either.

    Maybe this group and its challenges can persuade me to get out more. . . . but not on a Monday!

  3. I actually pulled my first comment because it sounded rather snappy. So here's a new one that was in the back of mind.

    This weekend the hotel where we stayed in Chicago provided a copy of First Things First by Steven Covey. He talks about planning what he calls Quadrant II tasks. Quadrant II tasks are those that are important but not urgent, and so may be overlooked in the pressure of what has to be done. You list your various roles and goals for each role, then plan the week. I liked this idea because I've been having some issues with prioritizing lately, feeling cheated and overwhelmed.

    For me quilting is one role, and artist may actually be another because sometimes quilting (like the thing I'm doing now) isn't too artistic. But then there are other roles like HOUSEHOLD MANAGER (ugh), wife, mother, etc. So today I am doing some household manager type tasks, and wife/mother tasks (Christmas shopping). But I will quilt too...

    TMI, maybe. If so, sorry.

  4. Monday is a return to my work life for me. The next five days I only get to squeeze in time during the evenings for quilting or private time to recoup from too much public time. Then I get to return to my REAL life on the weekends.

    Monday evenings also seem to be the time when I deal with the house and laundry. I don't do that during MY time during the weekend but by Monday night, the house clutter created by my creative projects over the weekend is starting to get to me. LOL

  5. My favorite topic! I am a great list maker and try to follow that. During the day, I like to have the chores done (including having to run errands) so that I can sit down with a clear conscience to do any fun Libby-type stuff. I don't want Rich to come home to a messy house and me quilting! I consider myself a housewife and having this as "my job" so that is my perspective only which applies to me only.

    Mondays are sort of about re grouping for me. The weekends are for me and Rich. During the weekday I try and get done what I need to housework wise so I can feel better. I do employ the A,B,C priority system which is something I learned while working (it applies to quilting and to my household job). Lastly, Fridays are the day to get things organized for the weekend and for doing something fun quilt wise.

    I am always interested to see how other people juggle their responsibilities so thanks to everyone who has posted so far:)

  6. Monday is also ramp up for the work week for me. I try to cram all my errands and housework into Friday (I work four 10 hour days), so I have the rest of the weekend for the studio. I don't do much sewing during the week- I'm a morning person, and have learned that I do my best quilting then! But I'm hoping to use and hour or two after work to draw or work out designs from the photos. I'm generally too brain dead for much else!

  7. I guess I'm most like Libby in that I like to get my "domestic chores" out of the way before I quilt. I don't HAVE to do it this way, but I choose to. I have morphed into a neat-freak. My husband is at home and that eats into my time (don't ask me how, but it does). Time flies by so fast and often it's 4:00 before I know it. I usually only quilt during daylight hours, but I will sketch at night. I play golf on Thursdays and sometimes Mondays. Golf gets me out of the house and is my "church."


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