Sunday, November 29, 2009

Libby Fife-Intro Post

Hi Everyone! Just popping in to the new blog to say a few words about my quilting history. I have about six years of quilting experience now with the bulk of that being experience making traditional quilts. I became interested in what I call art quilts about 1 1/2 years ago. Debra summed up my current style nicely when she said that I make quilted pieces in recognizable styles based on my photographs or something that I have seen. I am a big fan of the Arts and Crafts Movement and try to incorporate those design sensibilities into my work: muted and natural colors, repetition of shapes, embroidery work, etc. I also like to do work which has a "graphically rendered" folk art appeal to it (my terminology). Simpler shapes which are outlined to give them a "drawn" feeling really appeal to me. I do try and incorporate painting with acrylic paints, chalk pastels, or water color pencils when it is appropriate for the piece. I can applique but most of my work involves fusing of fabrics. My pieces tend to be smaller in size and I keep the compositions fairly simple, hoping that I can capture the essence of whatever it is that I am trying to portray.

I started this project with Debra in hopes of giving some people (myself included) a chance to participate in a project which could potentially produce a large and interesting body of work. Since I have worked from photographs in the past, the concept isn't new but working with someone else's photo is! Should be great fun.

You can find me on Facebook: link -hope that link works!
I maintain my quiltedcraftsman blog for everyday quilting related stories-it also has my photo
I also maintain my LibbyFifeArtQuilts blog which is my wannabe portfolio:)

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