Monday, November 30, 2009


I began sewing more years ago than I want to admit, and like Debra have made almost everything. About ten years ago, as I was becoming ready to stop teaching, I happened across a pattern for a quilted vest. I made myself one, loved it, made more for gifts, made more and sold them, and then began to make vests, jackets, purses, and hats for sale. I did this intensely for about five years, selling at shows and in boutiques, but the assembly-line nature became unpleasant to me. In 2005 my husband took a sabbatical, and our traveling gave me another reason to stop the "business" and make only what I want to make.

Since then I've focused on quilting. I don't have a particular style; the colors and the beauty of a design are what appeals to me. Most of my color schemes are taken from nature, although I also like to borrow the color plan of a painting I particularly love. I like traditional quilting, especially piecing, but try to design my own settings and combinations of blocks. I always feel like a fraud calling myself an artist or an art quilter, since I have no art training at all. But if art quilts can be defined as personal and non-traditional, an attempt to respond to a beautiful scene or object, or to combine shapes and colors that appeal, then I make some art quilts also.

I'm looking forward to the give and take of a group like this, and the shared interest in creativity, stretching the boundaries a bit. There's very little of that in my "real life" circle of quilting friends.

My quilting adventures and misadventures are chronicled on my blog outofthebasement; there are more pictures of some of my work on my Stitchin Fingers page.


  1. Welcome Kay! I look forward to sharing work with you.

  2. It's always interesting to me to know how people came to the point they are in their quilting journey. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Thanks for the background info-I knew some of it and it was good to learn the other parts. Hey, don't bash your inner artist:)

  4. Like Debra, I too find it interesting to see what led to quilting!

  5. Hi, Kay- I think I've visited your blog before. I'm looking forward to this adventure!

  6. It is interesting to read how each has come to be the quilter she is today. Guess I'd better get busy writing something to share with all of you.

    I enjoyed visiting the site with the photos. Some of your work I remember well, while other pieces were new to me. Thanks. Do you have pictures of some of those vests and other items made way back when?


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