Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dec-Jan Timeline

December 15th: Have selected photo as explained in welcome letter. Stop by here and leave a comment on this post that you have your photo!

January 15th: Stop by for an informal discussion and check-in with any ideas, concerns, suggestions -- we just want to keep everyone going!

January 27-31: Reveal

Jan. 27 morning: Libby
afternoon: Rian

Jan. 28 morning: Kay
afternoon: Judith

Jan. 29 morning: Nellie
afternoon: Karen

Jan. 30 morning:
afternoon: Beverly

Jan. 31 morning: Beena
afternoon: Kim
evening: Others (anyone who could not post earlier in the week or missed her posting day)

Each month who posts on which day will change so if you have an early posting one month, you may have a later posting another month. If you have problems/conflicts with the posting schedule, email Debra.


  1. Me, Me! I have my photo and a nucleus of my idea!

  2. I have my photo. It was a non-brainer for me. to decide...abstract, realistic, folk art, impressionistic, maybe like Klimit...LOL. What fun!

  3. I'm wondering what style to use too!

    Your folk art pieces are pretty cool, Judith.

  4. I've selected my photo and started playing with some ideas.


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