Sunday, November 29, 2009

Challenge Concept

Debra Spincic & Libby Fife are sponsoring a new group which we hope will bring together Internet based artists with a common goal: to create a body of work in an organized intimate group setting using photos that are personal to the artist as the creative launching point. Each artist will have a monthly opportunity to create an interpretive piece of textile art and then post that art on this blog to be seen by people in the textile art community. Here is how we see the group working:

Concept of The Project:
Every month, each member will select a photograph. It can be one that they took themselves or one that they have permission to use. It should be something that inspires you and that you feel has some wider appeal. This photograph is submitted to us for review and then one photo from the group's pool of photos will be presented to the group as the basis for that month's challenge. Here is where the challenge comes in. Each member will create a predominantly fabric & thread based piece inspired by that photo. Only finished pieces will be posted for the Reveal during that month.

Libby and I understand this is a monthly commitment & we have factored in up to 3 absences. We also know that it is a great idea! We hope you will create something for all of us to enjoy; both those in the group and those followers watching our group develop.

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